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2023 USA Diving National Championships Qualifiers

This report lists the divers who are currently eligible to compete.

Qualified Divers

Senior Men 1m - PrelimMisha Andriyuk
Senior Men 1m - PrelimAllen Bottego III
Senior Men 1m - PrelimIvor Brown
Senior Men 1m - PrelimAndrew Capobianco
Senior Men 1m - PrelimClayton Chaplin
Senior Men 1m - PrelimZachary Cooper
Senior Men 1m - PrelimLeyton Dean
Senior Men 1m - PrelimElisha Dees
Senior Men 1m - PrelimTyler Downs
Senior Men 1m - PrelimGregory Duncan
Senior Men 1m - PrelimNoah Duperre
Senior Men 1m - PrelimLuca Fassi
Senior Men 1m - PrelimMaxwell Flory
Senior Men 1m - PrelimLuke Forester
Senior Men 1m - PrelimMax Fowler
Senior Men 1m - PrelimCristiano Garcia
Senior Men 1m - PrelimConor Gesing
Senior Men 1m - PrelimNathaniel Grannis
Senior Men 1m - PrelimBennett Greene
Senior Men 1m - PrelimBeck Gregory
Senior Men 1m - PrelimAndrew Harness
Senior Men 1m - PrelimNicholas Harris
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJoshua Hedberg
Senior Men 1m - PrelimQuentin Henninger
Senior Men 1m - PrelimBriadam Herrera
Senior Men 1m - PrelimHolden Higbie
Senior Men 1m - PrelimDelaney Hsu
Senior Men 1m - PrelimSteele Johnson
Senior Men 1m - PrelimDaniel Knapp
Senior Men 1m - PrelimBrandon Loschiavo
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJack Ma
Senior Men 1m - PrelimMason Mankey
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJack Matthews
Senior Men 1m - PrelimBrendan McCourt
Senior Men 1m - PrelimMaxwell Miller
Senior Men 1m - PrelimEvan Moretti
Senior Men 1m - PrelimSam Oelerich
Senior Men 1m - PrelimDylan Reed
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJack Ryan
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJordan Rzepka
Senior Men 1m - PrelimMikolas Schwickert
Senior Men 1m - PrelimLuke Sitz
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJoshua Sollenberger
Senior Men 1m - PrelimKaden Springfield
Senior Men 1m - PrelimGage Sprintz
Senior Men 1m - PrelimTanner Tessier
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJoshua Thai
Senior Men 1m - PrelimCarson Tyler
Senior Men 1m - PrelimAidan Wang
Senior Men 1m - PrelimMaxwell Weinrich
Senior Men 1m - PrelimJacob Welsh
Senior Men 1m - PrelimZachary Welsh
Senior Men 1m - PrelimTyler Wills
Senior Men 1m - PrelimLyle Yost
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMisha Andriyuk
Senior Men 3m - PrelimAllen Bottego III
Senior Men 3m - PrelimDavid Boudia
Senior Men 3m - PrelimIvor Brown
Senior Men 3m - PrelimAndrew Capobianco
Senior Men 3m - PrelimClayton Chaplin
Senior Men 3m - PrelimZachary Cooper
Senior Men 3m - PrelimLeyton Dean
Senior Men 3m - PrelimElisha Dees
Senior Men 3m - PrelimTyler Downs
Senior Men 3m - PrelimGregory Duncan
Senior Men 3m - PrelimNoah Duperre
Senior Men 3m - PrelimLuca Fassi
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMaxwell Flory
Senior Men 3m - PrelimLuke Forester
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMax Fowler
Senior Men 3m - PrelimCristiano Garcia
Senior Men 3m - PrelimConor Gesing
Senior Men 3m - PrelimNathaniel Grannis
Senior Men 3m - PrelimBennett Greene
Senior Men 3m - PrelimBeck Gregory
Senior Men 3m - PrelimAndrew Harness
Senior Men 3m - PrelimNicholas Harris
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJoshua Hedberg
Senior Men 3m - PrelimQuentin Henninger
Senior Men 3m - PrelimBriadam Herrera
Senior Men 3m - PrelimHolden Higbie
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMichael Hixon
Senior Men 3m - PrelimDelaney Hsu
Senior Men 3m - PrelimSteele Johnson
Senior Men 3m - PrelimDaniel Knapp
Senior Men 3m - PrelimBrandon Loschiavo
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJack Ma
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMason Mankey
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJack Matthews
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMaxwell Miller
Senior Men 3m - PrelimEvan Moretti
Senior Men 3m - PrelimSam Oelerich
Senior Men 3m - PrelimDylan Reed
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJack Ryan
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJordan Rzepka
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMikolas Schwickert
Senior Men 3m - PrelimLuke Sitz
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJoshua Sollenberger
Senior Men 3m - PrelimKaden Springfield
Senior Men 3m - PrelimGage Sprintz
Senior Men 3m - PrelimTanner Tessier
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJoshua Thai
Senior Men 3m - PrelimCarson Tyler
Senior Men 3m - PrelimAidan Wang
Senior Men 3m - PrelimMaxwell Weinrich
Senior Men 3m - PrelimJacob Welsh
Senior Men 3m - PrelimZachary Welsh
Senior Men 3m - PrelimTyler Wills
Senior Men 3m - PrelimLyle Yost
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMisha Andriyuk
Senior Men Platform - PrelimAllen Bottego III
Senior Men Platform - PrelimIvor Brown
Senior Men Platform - PrelimAndrew Capobianco
Senior Men Platform - PrelimClayton Chaplin
Senior Men Platform - PrelimZachary Cooper
Senior Men Platform - PrelimLeyton Dean
Senior Men Platform - PrelimElisha Dees
Senior Men Platform - PrelimDavid Dinsmore
Senior Men Platform - PrelimTyler Downs
Senior Men Platform - PrelimGregory Duncan
Senior Men Platform - PrelimNoah Duperre
Senior Men Platform - PrelimLuca Fassi
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMaxwell Flory
Senior Men Platform - PrelimLuke Forester
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMax Fowler
Senior Men Platform - PrelimCristiano Garcia
Senior Men Platform - PrelimConor Gesing
Senior Men Platform - PrelimNathaniel Grannis
Senior Men Platform - PrelimBennett Greene
Senior Men Platform - PrelimBeck Gregory
Senior Men Platform - PrelimAndrew Harness
Senior Men Platform - PrelimNicholas Harris
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJoshua Hedberg
Senior Men Platform - PrelimQuentin Henninger
Senior Men Platform - PrelimHolden Higbie
Senior Men Platform - PrelimDelaney Hsu
Senior Men Platform - PrelimSteele Johnson
Senior Men Platform - PrelimDaniel Knapp
Senior Men Platform - PrelimBrandon Loschiavo
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJack Ma
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMason Mankey
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJack Matthews
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMaxwell Miller
Senior Men Platform - PrelimEvan Moretti
Senior Men Platform - PrelimSam Oelerich
Senior Men Platform - PrelimDylan Reed
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJack Ryan
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJordan Rzepka
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMikolas Schwickert
Senior Men Platform - PrelimLuke Sitz
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJoshua Sollenberger
Senior Men Platform - PrelimKaden Springfield
Senior Men Platform - PrelimGage Sprintz
Senior Men Platform - PrelimTanner Tessier
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJoshua Thai
Senior Men Platform - PrelimCarson Tyler
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJoseph Victor
Senior Men Platform - PrelimAidan Wang
Senior Men Platform - PrelimMaxwell Weinrich
Senior Men Platform - PrelimJacob Welsh
Senior Men Platform - PrelimZachary Welsh
Senior Men Platform - PrelimTyler Wills
Senior Men Platform - PrelimLyle Yost
Senior Women 1m - PrelimNike Agunbiade
Senior Women 1m - PrelimSarah Bacon
Senior Women 1m - PrelimIsabel Baley
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKaylee Bishop
Senior Women 1m - PrelimJanie Boyle
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKassidy Cook
Senior Women 1m - PrelimBayleigh Cranford
Senior Women 1m - PrelimGabrielle Filzen
Senior Women 1m - PrelimAnne Fowler
Senior Women 1m - PrelimCallie Fox
Senior Women 1m - PrelimTaylor Fox
Senior Women 1m - PrelimAvery Giese
Senior Women 1m - PrelimTarrin Gilliland
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMolly Gray
Senior Women 1m - PrelimIsabel Gregersen
Senior Women 1m - PrelimLanie Gutch
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKristen Hayden
Senior Women 1m - PrelimHailey Hernandez
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKaterina Hoffman
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMarkie Hopkins
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMariana Huang
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKayla Jensen
Senior Women 1m - PrelimAva Jolley
Senior Women 1m - PrelimEllie Joyce
Senior Women 1m - PrelimAbigail Knapton
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKyndal Knight
Senior Women 1m - PrelimGloria Lai
Senior Women 1m - PrelimAnna Lemkin
Senior Women 1m - PrelimJaiden Lynch
Senior Women 1m - PrelimSophia McAfee
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMaggie Merriman
Senior Women 1m - PrelimElliReese Niday
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMargo O'Meara
Senior Women 1m - PrelimBridget O'Neil
Senior Women 1m - PrelimJoslyn Oakley
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKrysta Palmer
Senior Women 1m - PrelimJessica Parratto
Senior Women 1m - PrelimSamantha Pickens
Senior Women 1m - PrelimJuliet Radich
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMayson Richards
Senior Women 1m - PrelimDelaney Schnell
Senior Women 1m - PrelimBrooke Schultz
Senior Women 1m - PrelimCarolina Sculti
Senior Women 1m - PrelimJordan Skilken
Senior Women 1m - PrelimBailee Sturgill
Senior Women 1m - PrelimSamantha Vear
Senior Women 1m - PrelimShannon Waldron
Senior Women 1m - PrelimLily Witte
Senior Women 1m - PrelimAvery Worobel
Senior Women 1m - PrelimMallory Worobel
Senior Women 1m - PrelimDaryn Wright
Senior Women 1m - PrelimChristina Xu
Senior Women 1m - PrelimKatrina Young
Senior Women 3m - PrelimNike Agunbiade
Senior Women 3m - PrelimSarah Bacon
Senior Women 3m - PrelimIsabel Baley
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKaylee Bishop
Senior Women 3m - PrelimJanie Boyle
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKassidy Cook
Senior Women 3m - PrelimBayleigh Cranford
Senior Women 3m - PrelimGabrielle Filzen
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAnne Fowler
Senior Women 3m - PrelimCallie Fox
Senior Women 3m - PrelimTaylor Fox
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAlison Gibson
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAvery Giese
Senior Women 3m - PrelimTarrin Gilliland
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMolly Gray
Senior Women 3m - PrelimIsabel Gregersen
Senior Women 3m - PrelimEmily Grund
Senior Women 3m - PrelimLanie Gutch
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKristen Hayden
Senior Women 3m - PrelimHailey Hernandez
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKaterina Hoffman
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMarkie Hopkins
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMariana Huang
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKayla Jensen
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAva Jolley
Senior Women 3m - PrelimEllie Joyce
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAbigail Knapton
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKyndal Knight
Senior Women 3m - PrelimGloria Lai
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAnna Lemkin
Senior Women 3m - PrelimJaiden Lynch
Senior Women 3m - PrelimSophia McAfee
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMaggie Merriman
Senior Women 3m - PrelimElliReese Niday
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMargo O'Meara
Senior Women 3m - PrelimBridget O'Neil
Senior Women 3m - PrelimJoslyn Oakley
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKrysta Palmer
Senior Women 3m - PrelimJessica Parratto
Senior Women 3m - PrelimSamantha Pickens
Senior Women 3m - PrelimJuliet Radich
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMayson Richards
Senior Women 3m - PrelimDelaney Schnell
Senior Women 3m - PrelimBrooke Schultz
Senior Women 3m - PrelimCarolina Sculti
Senior Women 3m - PrelimJordan Skilken
Senior Women 3m - PrelimBailee Sturgill
Senior Women 3m - PrelimShannon Waldron
Senior Women 3m - PrelimLily Witte
Senior Women 3m - PrelimAvery Worobel
Senior Women 3m - PrelimMallory Worobel
Senior Women 3m - PrelimDaryn Wright
Senior Women 3m - PrelimChristina Xu
Senior Women 3m - PrelimKatrina Young
Senior Women Platform - PrelimNike Agunbiade
Senior Women Platform - PrelimSarah Bacon
Senior Women Platform - PrelimIsabel Baley
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKaylee Bishop
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJanie Boyle
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMurphy Bromberg
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKassidy Cook
Senior Women Platform - PrelimBayleigh Cranford
Senior Women Platform - PrelimGabrielle Filzen
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAnne Fowler
Senior Women Platform - PrelimCallie Fox
Senior Women Platform - PrelimTaylor Fox
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAvery Giese
Senior Women Platform - PrelimTarrin Gilliland
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMolly Gray
Senior Women Platform - PrelimIsabel Gregersen
Senior Women Platform - PrelimLanie Gutch
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKristen Hayden
Senior Women Platform - PrelimHailey Hernandez
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKaterina Hoffman
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMarkie Hopkins
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMariana Huang
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMadison Huitt
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKayla Jensen
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAva Jolley
Senior Women Platform - PrelimEllie Joyce
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAbigail Knapton
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKyndal Knight
Senior Women Platform - PrelimGloria Lai
Senior Women Platform - PrelimGrace Lee
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAnna Lemkin
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJaiden Lynch
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAmy Magana
Senior Women Platform - PrelimSophia McAfee
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMaggie Merriman
Senior Women Platform - PrelimElizabeth Miclau
Senior Women Platform - PrelimElliReese Niday
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMargo O'Meara
Senior Women Platform - PrelimBridget O'Neil
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJoslyn Oakley
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKrysta Palmer
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJessica Parratto
Senior Women Platform - PrelimSamantha Pickens
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJuliet Radich
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMayson Richards
Senior Women Platform - PrelimDelaney Schnell
Senior Women Platform - PrelimBrooke Schultz
Senior Women Platform - PrelimCarolina Sculti
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJordan Skilken
Senior Women Platform - PrelimBailee Sturgill
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMaycey Vieta
Senior Women Platform - PrelimShannon Waldron
Senior Women Platform - PrelimLily Witte
Senior Women Platform - PrelimAvery Worobel
Senior Women Platform - PrelimMallory Worobel
Senior Women Platform - PrelimJulia Wortman
Senior Women Platform - PrelimDaryn Wright
Senior Women Platform - PrelimChristina Xu
Senior Women Platform - PrelimKatrina Young

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