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About Us

DiveMeets is the most advanced and comprehensive Diving Management System in the world. DiveMeets is the system other programs try to copy. While imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, we want you to know there is only one DiveMeets. We will continue to lead the way. We are always moving forward creating new, exciting and often revolutionary concepts for the diving community.

We listen to you the divers, the coaches, the meet managers, the parents, the spectators and the governing bodies. You are the sport of Diving. Your needs are DiveMeets priorities. Many elements found in DiveMeets have come directly from your request and suggestions. We consider you valued partners. Together we have broken many old molds and introduced new concepts into diving, still there is much more to do. We want to make attending meets more fun, we want to encourage new divers to join the sport. We want current divers to be proud of the sport, stay in the sport, practice and improve. We are providing parents unprecedented real-time interactive information to follow their divers progress. You can not keep kids in the sport if the parents are left out of the sport. Looking to the future DiveMeets will continue to refine, improve and innovate.

Ways DiveMeets Has Improved The Pre Meet Experience:

The DiveMeets system is unique. DiveMeets pre meet innovations are too many to list but here are a few:

When the DiveMeets online registration was unveiled in it was so revolutionary, we were told it would not work. Most of the diving establishment at the time said people will never enter meets online. That is hard to believe today.

Ways DiveMeets Has Improved The Actual Meet Experience:

Prior to DiveMeets, meets were run in so many ways it was impossible to know what to expect until you arrived at the pool. Everything from the check-in table process to adding the dive scores was a patch work of different procedures. There were some clubs with strong parent support groups who ran excellent meets. There were also clubs who would literally pull parents out of the stands to run the score tables regardless of the parents knowledge of the sport, math abilities or attention span. Dive changes were often not checked for rules violations, age eligibility was not always checked. Even current memberships were not always verified.

Addition and DD calculations errors were common. Divers sometimes went home with wrong place awards. Divers sometimes advanced to higher level meets based on sheets with adding errors. Conversely some divers stayed at home for meets they actually should have qualified for. It was not uncommon to see as many as 7 people working together at a score table passing sheets back and forth calculating scores every 30 seconds for events that may take hours to complete. Of course mistakes were made.

Prior to DiveMeets even meets using computers were capable of errors. Some of the early computer score calculations were done using a parents homemade excel sheet. Other meets used basic meet scoring software distributed on CD. Some of these programs are only updated one time per year when a new CD was released. In the meantime If an incorrect DD value was programed into the program the resulting scores would be wrong. If program permitted a diver to do a illegal dive the scores were wrong. If the program contained a code glitch the program would crash. These programs were also labor intensive. Dive sheets had to be manually transcribed from hand written dives sheets, this process could take many hours to complete and resulted in numerous dive sheet errors.

Divers were sent home with hand written score sheets. Unless there was a scoreboard in use during the meet, it was difficult or impossible for the divers, coaches and spectators to know who was winning. When events did finish it was not uncommon for the results to be withheld for extended periods of time. What kind of a sport does not tell anyone who is wining until after the contest has concluded?

DiveMeets decided to take on all of these issues. The DiveMeets Meet Control Software has never been distributed on CD. Our software is downloaded from After each meet our software is Uninstalled . If a upgrade is made in our software today, it will be included in a meet we run tomorrow. We update rules changes from diving organizations as soon as they are announced. Getting the rules right is our business.

During events DiveMeets offers a complete leader board to be shown on a second Monitor. This monitor should be placed for divers and coaches to see during a competition. It displays where each diver is at all time during a event, where they finished at the end of the preceding round, where they are in the current round, and how many points they need to catch up. When an event is over the divers immediately know where they placed.

If there is not a scoreboard in use during the meet, DiveMeets encourages meets directors to provide additional leader board monitors for the spectators or project the information at indoor pools. If the pool has an Internet connection scores can be sent live to DiveMeets.Com to be seen around the world.

Because divers register for DiveMeets online, no one transcribes their dive sheets into our software. After our online registration close, the meet is downloaded into DiveMeets Meet Control software ready to run. All list reports and results are printed at the score table. Divers are not asked to read or save anything hand written.

DiveMeets Meet Control interfaces with the sports most used electronic judge pads and scoreboards including unprecedented ease of operation with Daktronics and Colorado Time systems. This reduces the number people needed at a score table to 2. Any meet can be run with an announcer who ( has a printed announcers list available) announces directly from the DiveMeets computer and a paper back up person. The paper back up person does not do any adding, they just write the judge awards 6, 5.5, 6 etc. In the unlikely event a computer is lost, the event would continue. At the end of the event the paper back up scores would be entered into another DiveMeets computer to be calculated.

Ways DiveMeets Has Improved The Post Meet Experience:

Prior to DiveMeets there was no standard for saving meet data. The vast majority of meets did not care about saving the data at all. When a meet was over it was over. Divers got their awards and everyone went home. For large meets the results and sometimes the actual judge scores were saved but not in a uniform format. Even when meet data was saved it was limited in the amount of data collected. Detailed data for meets run without DiveMeets can be difficult or impossible to find on the Internet.

DiveMeets was the first to say data from all meets is very important and must be saved. DiveMeets starts saving data as soon as we get a meet and continues until the last score is entered. This is some of the data captured by DiveMeets:

The list above is a partial list of data collected by DiveMeets for every meet. With this data it is possible to produce an almost infinite number of reports, rankings, comparisons, graphs and more. These reports can provide information from a single meet or multiple meets. Data from even the smallest meets is important. DiveMeets can graph a divers progress starting with their first novice meet. This data can be of great value. Not only can a single divers progress be graphed, multiple divers progress can be compared in a graph. DiveMeets reports are a diverse as the imagination of the person requesting them. (Customized reports are created on request. Contact DiveMeets for Details) currently invites you to use our free real-time Diver Rankings. Divers can be ranked based on the criteria you select for the ranking. This is the first real-time online diver ranking system in the world. We also provide detailed drill down information for every DiveMeets meet. Viewers can select any meet, event, diver, dive, judge, coach, team or score to see more detailed information. Another DiveMeets original is our real-time interactive List Of All Dives. The list shows all possible dives and how many times each dive has been performed in a DiveMeets meet. To make the list even better we show the average scores the dive receives and the highest score the dive has ever received. You can even see when and where the dives have been done and the divers names. This is as fun as it is informative.

These are a few things DiveMeets did first:

We also:

Additional Features:

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