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2024 NCAA Division I Zone C Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2024 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.

Please note that this list is updated once a day based on reported results.
Since some meets do not report results the same day, it may take a few days for qualifiers to show up on this list after they qualified.

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Zone C
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Bartlett, AnnieUniversity of ToledoX
Betzer, BaileyIndiana State UniversityX
Bishop, DevynnUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Blood, RayahBowling Green State UniversityXX
Boyle, JanieOhio State UniversityXXX
Brady, CarolineUniversity of Notre DameXX
Bush, PaigeUniversity of AkronX
Casey, MorganIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Chalifoux, ElleanaOakland UniversityXX
Clark, ChrismonUniversity of MichiganXX
Cobb, JodiUniversity of KentuckyXX
Courtney, GraceUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Devereaux, AbbyUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Eichel, BrookeCleveland State UniversityX
Ellis, GraceBowling Green State UniversityX
Feick, ClaireUniversity of Notre DameX
Fisk, SavannahEastern Michigan UniversityX
Fowler, AnneIndiana University, BloomingtonXX
Garcia, MatildaUniversity of Illinois, ChampaignXX
Georgopoulou, LydiaNorthwestern UniversityXX
Giglio, MadisonUniversity of ToledoXX
Gizzi, LindsayUniversity of LouisvilleXXX
Held, HannaYoungstown State UniversityX
Helmboldt, SammanthaUniversity of LouisvilleXXX
Hentschel, LenaOhio State UniversityXXX
Heyde, AlainaIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Hopkins, MarkieNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Hughes, CamrynEastern Michigan UniversityXX
Johnson, EvelynaUniversity of MichiganXXX
Knapp, RebekahEastern Michigan UniversityXX
Leonard, GraceUniversity of LouisvilleXXX
Lim, Supisara ShauntelNorthwestern UniversityX
Liu, SkylerIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Long, EvieBowling Green State UniversityX
Mayorga, NataliaBowling Green State UniversityXX
Mazzara, MichelleOhio State UniversityXX
McAfee, SophiaPurdue UniversityXXX
McCliment, CiaraUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
McDaniels, ClaireUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Mcging, CiaraOhio State UniversityX
Meinhardt, MariaMiami University - OhioXX
Melia, LaurenUniversity of CincinnatiXX
Mercer, BethanyUniversity of Illinois, ChampaignX
Mercier, AlexandraUniversity of MichiganX
Michael, BrookeUniversity of Illinois, ChampaignX
Michael, TaylorUniversity of Illinois, ChampaignX
Milligan, KiarraUniversity of MichiganXX
Morrison, Kerry-leighUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoX
Moussa, FaridaSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleXX
Niekamp, VivianMiami University - OhioX
Noble, ElizabethUniversity of AkronXX
O\'Kelly, DanielleUniversity of Illinois, ChampaignX
Osmun, GretchenMiami University - OhioX
Patrick, JayePurdue UniversityXX
Peters, TaylorUniversity of MichiganXXX
Petersen, LangelyUniversity of CincinnatiXX
Pfaff, KristyUniversity of KentuckyXX
Pichardo, AstridOhio UniversityXX
Praasterink, ElseUniversity of LouisvilleXXX
Raby, KatlynUniversity of Notre DameX
Reyes, EvaIllinois State UniversityXX
Rice, SydneyMiami University - OhioXX
Rollett, MaddieUniversity of EvansvilleX
Roselli, EllaIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Russell, GabriellaIllinois State UniversityX
Sanders, VictoriaOakland UniversityXX
Schum, EmmaYoungstown State UniversityX
Sharpe, ChloeNorthwestern UniversityXX
Simons, KaitlinPurdue UniversityXXX
Smith, LaurelUniversity of AkronXX
Smith, SydneyIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisX
Smith, ZoeIndiana State UniversityXX
Sonnenberg, JennaPurdue UniversityXXX
Veltigian, KeiraEastern Michigan UniversityXX
Vieta, MayceyPurdue UniversityX
Walker, GraceBall State UniversityXXX
Wheeler, CiaraEastern Michigan UniversityX
Witte, LilyIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Wright, DarynPurdue UniversityXXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Augustine, RyanNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Austin, XanderCleveland State UniversityX
Brovont, PorterBall State UniversityXX
Carrillo, BrunoUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
Chaplin, ClaytonOhio State UniversityXXX
Claus, WillUniversity of CincinnatiXXX
Cohen, AdamNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Duncan, SamuelUniversity of KentuckyXX
Flory, KylieOhio State UniversityXXX
Gammage, CameronUniversity of MichiganXX
Givens, AlexUniversity of CincinnatiXX
Glasberg, DashIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Hang, GavinUniversity of KentuckyXX
Haywood, LeeSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleXX
Hearn, VictorMiami University - OhioX
Henninger, QuentinIndiana University, BloomingtonXX
Hepner, LoganUniversity of MichiganXX
Higbie, HoldenPurdue UniversityXXX
Jansen, WilliamIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Knapp, DanielUniversity of Notre DameXX
Landolt, PrestonUniversity of CincinnatiXXX
Liberman, KameronUniversity of MichiganX
Lopez, CarloUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Matthews, JackOhio State UniversityXXX
Mckinney, LeviUniversity of EvansvilleX
Miller, JacksonMiami University - OhioX
Miller, MaxwellPurdue UniversityXX
Mo, AlexNorthwestern UniversityXX
Nguyen, BenedictUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Noaman, MohamedOhio State UniversityXXX
Nolan, HarrisonUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
Otero, SebastianIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Read, TylerOhio State UniversityXX
Rzepka, JordanPurdue UniversityXXX
Schmehl, AdamIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Sneden, AdamUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Stephens, CheUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Trautmann, HunterUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoX
Tremewan, ColeUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
Tyler, CarsonIndiana University, BloomingtonXX
Vander Jeugdt, BlakeIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Weinrich, MaxwellIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Winn IV, RaymondUniversity of LouisvilleXXX
Wolf, JamesCleveland State UniversityX
Yost, LyleOhio State UniversityXXX
Zhang, DannyUniversity of KentuckyXX
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