Diver Profile

Name: Mary Kate Cavanaugh
State: CO
Country: United States
Gender: F
Age: 11
FINA Age: 12
High School Graduation: 2024
DiveMeets #: 54075

USA Diving:
  Mile High Dive Club (Diver)
  Coach: Hess Jennifer

Upcoming Meets

The Black Gold Invitational
  12-13 Girls 1m J.O - (Final) Dive Sheet
  12-13 Girls 3m J.O - (Final) Dive Sheet


Pilgrims, Pies, and Perfect 10s Future Champions
  FC Level 4 Girls 3m - (Final)165.15
  FC Level 5 Girls 1m - (Final)185.15
Wyo Diving Skills Meet
  FC Tier 2 Girls Platform - (Final)188.00
2017 USA Diving National Diving Championships
  11 & Under Girls 1m J.O - (Prelim/Quarterfinal)32 125.70
  11 & Under Girls 3m J.O - (Prelim/Quarterfinal)30 138.30
2017 USA Diving National Preliminary Zone E Championships
  11 & Under Girls 1m J.O - (Final)147.95
  11 & Under Girls 3m J.O - (Final)147.95
  11 & Under Girls Platform J.O - (Final)110.05
Synchro De Mayo Invite
  Novice 1m Synchro Mixed - (Final)120.90
  Novice 3m Synchro Mixed - (Final)130.60
  Novice 3m Synchro Mixed - (Final)114.05
2017 USA Diving Junior Region 9 Championships
  11 & Under Girls 1m J.O - (Final)185.80
  11 & Under Girls 3m J.O - (Final)116.15
Utah Diving Club Winter Invite
  FC Level 2 Girls Platform - (Final)102.20
  FC Level 5 Girls 3m - (Final)148.10
  FC Level 7 Girls 1m - (Final)163.75
Pilgrims, Pies, and Perfect 10s Future Champions
  FC Level 2 Girls 3m - (Final)127.10
  FC Level 3 Girls 1m - (Final)137.20
Wyo Diving Skills Meet
  FC Tier 1 Girls Platform - (Final)99.00

Dive Statistics

Dive & HeightDescriptionHigh
# of

001A1MForward Entry Straight18.5018.252
001A3MForward Entry Straight24.5021.884
001C5MForward Entry Tuck18.0018.001
001D1MForward Entry Free20.5020.501
001D3MForward Entry Free23.0021.754
002A1MBack Entry Straight23.0019.173
002A3MBack Entry Straight23.0020.134
100A3MForward Jump Straight18.0018.001
100A5MForward Jump Straight18.5018.252
100B1MForward Jump Pike24.0022.673
100B3MForward Jump Pike22.5019.805
100B5MForward Jump Pike21.0020.252
100C3MForward Jump Tuck18.5018.502
100C5MForward Jump Tuck17.5017.501
101B1MForward Dive Pike25.3521.023
101B3MForward Dive Pike27.7523.003
101C1MForward Dive Tuck26.4024.002
101C3MForward Dive Tuck27.3026.604
101C5MForward Dive Tuck16.2016.201
103B3MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Pike31.2022.673
103C1MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck31.2026.936
103C3MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck33.0030.753
103C5MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck24.8024.801
200A1MBack Jump Straight20.5020.501
200A3MBack Jump Straight24.5021.504
200A5MBack Jump Straight20.5020.501
200B1MBack Jump Pike23.5023.501
200B3MBack Jump Pike21.5021.501
200B5MBack Jump Pike12.5012.501
201B1MBack Dive Pike22.4022.401
201B3MBack Dive Pike20.7020.701
201C1MBack Dive Tuck33.7530.564
201C3MBack Dive Tuck41.6530.394
201C5MBack Dive Tuck20.2520.251
301B3MReverse Dive Pike21.8521.851
301C1MReverse Dive Tuck32.0024.645
301C3MReverse Dive Tuck35.1027.903
301C5MReverse Dive Tuck19.2019.201
302C3MReverse 1 Somersault Tuck18.7018.701
401B1MInward Dive Pike31.5025.753
401B3MInward Dive Pike24.5020.773
401B5MInward Dive Pike26.2526.251
401C1MInward Dive Tuck27.3025.902
401C3MInward Dive Tuck29.2524.384
402C1MInward 1 Somersault Tuck32.0028.005
402C3MInward 1 Somersault Tuck30.1023.284
5122D1MForward 1 Somersault 1 Twist Free30.4030.401
612B5MArmstand Forward 1 Somersault Pike19.5519.551