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2024 NCAA Division I Zone D Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2024 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.

Please note that this list is updated once a day based on reported results.
Since some meets do not report results the same day, it may take a few days for qualifiers to show up on this list after they qualified.

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Zone D
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Albrecht, AdelineUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Apodaca, KyraUniversity of Arkansas, Little RockX
Arnautova, AnnaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Ballard, SarahUniversity of IowaXX
Baxter, AbigailUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXX
Beinlich, SimoneUniversity of IowaXX
Blumenfeld, AllysonIowa State UniversityXXX
Buckley, MaggieLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Carruthers, SarahThe University of TexasXXX
Cey, LaurenTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Clairmont, KelseyUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXXX
Del Angel, VivianaUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Delcamp, ElleeUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnX
Drake, DarbyUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaXX
Fairbanks, StellaUniversity of South DakotaX
Farner, JoscelynIowa State UniversityXX
Farris, ChaseUniversity of HoustonXXX
Fletcher, LeahTexas Christian UniversityX
Fowler, JaclynnSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
French, LaurenUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleX
Graves, JosieUniversity of HoustonXXX
Grelz, HeddaUniversity of HoustonXXX
Gryboski, LaurenUniversity of KansasXX
Guidara, SydneyUniversity of North TexasX
Harned, AntoninaUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXX
Hawkins, SaylorUniversity of North TexasXXX
Hernandez, HaileyThe University of TexasXX
Herrera, EmmaTexas Christian UniversityXX
Hughbanks, MakaylaUniversity of IowaXX
Kimball, LaurenIowa State UniversityXX
Kinnard, VivianUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
Krbec, BrigidUniversity of North TexasXX
Kupka, CarolineThe University of TexasXXX
Kwong, AnnaTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Lai, ShiyunUniversity of KansasXX
LaMonica, KateUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Lavenant, MontserratLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Lipsey, KatieTulane UniversityX
Martinez, MaleaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Massari, AlexaUniversity of HoustonXXX
McKnight, ChloeTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
McLeod, MichelleUniversity of HoustonXXX
Mitchell, KatherineIowa State UniversityXXX
Neal, RyaneUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX
O\'Neil, BridgetThe University of TexasXX
Oakley, JoslynTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Osero, AvUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Pauly, GenevaUniversity of IowaXX
Perreira, IsabellaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXXX
Phillip, MeganUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Props, PaytonTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Rebek, JulieUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeXX
Richards, MaysonTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Rodocker, CatherineUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaX
San Juan Carmona, GabrielaUniversity of KansasXX
Sanchez, BryzeUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Skilken, JordanThe University of TexasXXX
Stalfort, AmandaThe University of TexasXX
Stambo, NicoleSouthern Methodist UniversityXXX
Thompson, TristaUniversity of Northern IowaX
Tuxen, HelleLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Van Leeuwen, LizeUniversity of KansasXX
Warner, JordynTexas Christian UniversityX
Waters, EmiliaUniversity of HoustonXX
Widerström, ElnaUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Wilson, KaylaUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Wong, KamrynUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Aigner, MatthewTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Bennett, AndrewUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Blackstock, IanUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaXX
Borowski, ManuelThe University of TexasXX
Bottego III, AllenTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Braunton, TannerThe University of TexasXXX
Brooke, PierceThe University of TexasXXX
Cazaly, OllieTexas Christian UniversityXX
Coffey, TylerSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Danielewicz, ZayneLouisiana State UniversityXX
Dillon, ElliottTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Dowling, ThomasLouisiana State UniversityXX
Duperre, NoahThe University of TexasXXX
Dyer, CollierUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Dymond, JohnSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Endo, TakutoTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Harris, NicholasThe University of TexasXX
Hensley, RhettTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Hubbard, AlecTexas Christian UniversityXX
Lanser, JanUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
McCourt, BrendanThe University of TexasXX
Mozisek, DawsonUniversity of the Incarnate WordXX
Muller, DanielUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
Opdahl, StormMissouri State UniversityX
Paul, CarsonLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Povzner, VictorTexas AandM University, College StationXX
St John, AdamUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeXX
Wang, YutongUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Zahran, BelalUniversity of the Incarnate WordXX
Zannella, TommasoUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaX
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