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2023 NCAA Division I Zone D Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2023 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.

Please note that this list is updated once a day based on reported results.
Since some meets do not report results the same day, it may take a few days for qualifiers to show up on this list after they qualified.

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Zone D
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Albrecht, AdelineUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Ballard, SarahUniversity of IowaXX
Blodgett, JolieUniversity of HoustonXXX
Blumenfeld, AllysonIowa State UniversityXX
Boyle, JanieThe University of TexasXXX
Buckley, MaggieLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Buss, Joscelyn Iowa State UniversityXXX
Carruthers, SarahThe University of TexasXXX
Caufield, ReganUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXXX
Cey, LaurenTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Clairmont, AlyssaTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Clairmont, KelseyUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXXX
Clairmont, KelseyUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXX
Deininger, KatieUniversity of HoustonXX
Del Angel, Viviana University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Dollar, OliviaUniversity of North TexasX
Fairbanks, StellaUniversity of South DakotaX
Farris, ChaseUniversity of HoustonXXX
Fletcher, LeahTexas Christian UniversityXX
Fowler, JaclynnSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Graves, JosieUniversity of HoustonXXX
Greenberg, KatherineUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
Grelz, HeddaUniversity of HoustonXXX
Gryboski, LaurenUniversity of KansasXX
Hampton, MollyUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX
Harms-Zacharias, FaithTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Hartley, ClaireUniversity of IowaX
Hawkins, Saylor University of North TexasXX
Hernandez, HaileyThe University of TexasXX
Hinze, ReaganUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXX
Hogan, TaylorUniversity of Northern IowaX
Hughbanks, MakaylaUniversity of IowaXX
Krbec, BrigidUniversity of North TexasXX
Kwong, AnnaTexas Christian UniversityXXX
LaMonica, KateUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Lavenant, Montserrat Louisiana State UniversityXXX
Liang, GracieTexas Christian UniversityXX
Martinez, MaleaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Misra, JaynaIowa State UniversityXXX
Mitchell, KatherineIowa State UniversityXX
Montague, HayleyLouisiana State UniversityXX
O\'Neil, BridgetThe University of TexasXX
Oakley, JoslynTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Osero, AvUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Pauly, GenevaUniversity of IowaXXX
Pellacani, ChiaraLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Phillip, MeganUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Props, PaytonTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Rebek, Julie University of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeXX
Richards, MaysonTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Rousseau, SarahUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
San Juan Carmona , GabrielaUniversity of KansasXX
Skilken, JordanThe University of TexasXXX
Stambo, NicoleSouthern Methodist UniversityXXX
Tuxen, Helle Louisiana State UniversityXXX
Van Leeuwen, LizeUniversity of KansasXXX
Walker, GraceUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXXX
Waters, EmiliaUniversity of HoustonXXX
Wilson, KaylaUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Wong, KamrynUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Woodward, LaineyUniversity of IowaXX
Zhu, JoyUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Abadia Garcia, Adrian Louisiana State UniversityXX
Aigner, MatthewTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Bennett, AndrewUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Borowski, ManuelThe University of TexasXX
Bottego III, AllenTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Burman, MaxTexas Christian UniversityXX
Cazaly, OllieTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Coffey, TylerSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Danielewicz, ZayneLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Dierker, JudeUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Duperre, NoahThe University of TexasXXX
Dyer, CollierUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Ekdahl, DavidTexas Christian UniversityXX
Endo, TakutoTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Fritze, Spencer South Dakota State UniversityX
Gawin-Parigini, AndrewThe University of TexasXX
Harness, AndrewThe University of TexasXXX
Harris, NicholasThe University of TexasXX
Hensley, RhettTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Hoefer, DominicSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Hubbard, AlecTexas Christian UniversityXXX
Kleczka, JaredUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeXX
Lanser, JanUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX
Lawrence, SebastianUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX
Lopez , Carlo University of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Mardick, ShaneTexas AandM University, College StationXX
McCourt, BrendanThe University of TexasXX
Mozisek, DawsonUniversity of the Incarnate WordX
Muller, DanielUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
Opdahl, StormMissouri State UniversityXX
Paul, CarsonLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Povzner, VictorTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Rohrbaugh, MilesUniversity of Wisconsin, Green BayXX
Sanchez, KyleTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Schelfaut, LoganMissouri State UniversityX
Smithson, PeterSouthern Methodist UniversityXXX
St John, AdamUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeX
Stewart, ThomasTexas AandM University, College StationXX
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