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2023 NCAA Division I Zone E Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2023 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.

Please note that this list is updated once a day based on reported results.
Since some meets do not report results the same day, it may take a few days for qualifiers to show up on this list after they qualified.

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Zone E
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Agunbiade, NikeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Albanna, JessicaColorado State UniversityXX
Alessio, SilviaCalifornia State University, FresnoXXX
Ally, Grace California State University, FresnoXX
Aranzabal Del Pozo, Italia AneNew Mexico State UniversityX
Ayazi, Zara JoyUniversity of ArizonaXXX
Bak, ShioriGrand Canyon UniversityX
Bedolla, NataliaCalifornia Baptist UniversityXXX
Burch, LaurenStanford UniversityXXX
Butler, HannahUniversity of California, Los AngelesXX
Calvery, KaitlinUniversity of DenverX
Cheng, EdenUniversity of California, Los AngelesXXX
De Cecco, LizzyUniversity of UtahXX
Duggan, EmmaSan Diego State UniversityXXX
Erickson, AbigailGrand Canyon UniversityXXX
Faith, HaileyUniversity of IdahoX
Gabino, LuciaUniversity of NevadaXX
Gariepy, QuinnUniversity of ArizonaXXX
Gonzalez Saenz De Jubera, AliciaUniversity of WyomingXX
Gordon, OliviaUniversity of DenverXX
Grant, KathrynUniversity of UtahXXX
Haigler, GabriellaUniversity of WyomingXX
Harrison, JulianaSan Diego State UniversityX
Heydra, BaileyUniversity of NevadaXXX
Hinesley, KaelynUniversity of DenverXX
Huitt, MadisonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Jackson, AlexiaBrigham Young UniversityXXX
Jagielski, JennaSan Jose State UniversityXXX
Jensen, MaeganNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Jespersgaard, ZoeUniversity of California, Los AngelesXX
Johnson, HaileyBrigham Young UniversityX
Knapp, VictoriaNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Knapton, ClareUniversity of WyomingX
Konopacke, TaylorSan Diego State UniversityX
Larson, BrooklynBrigham Young UniversityX
Lechuga Gonzalez, XimenaSan Diego State UniversityXXX
Lee, GraceUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Lombardi, IsabelleUniversity of HawaiiXX
Lopez Arevalo, ValentinaSan Diego State UniversityXXX
Luberto, EmilyNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Lund, ElmaUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Marquez, KendallNorthern Arizona UniversityX
Mills, LexiUniversity of UtahXX
Mirafuentes, MelissaUniversity of NevadaXXX
Moore, EmilieStanford UniversityXXX
Opalka, ZoraUniversity of DenverXX
Papworth Burrel, Maria Stanford UniversityXX
Peltier, GabrielleU.S. Air Force AcademyXXX
Pisaruk, DelaineyPepperdine UniversityX
Plantz, Isabella University of HawaiiXX
Preston, ReaneyNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Riehs, JaneUniversity of San DiegoX
Samaniego, JacquelineCal PolyX
Sammons, MakennaNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
San Jose, EmilySan Jose State UniversityXX
Schnell, DelaneyUniversity of ArizonaXXX
Schwarz, TaylorUniversity of California, DavisX
Sculti, CarolinaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXX
Six, NatalieUniversity of WyomingX
Sleeman, GracieUniversity of ArizonaXX
Stocker, Mackenna Northern Arizona UniversityXXX
Stocker, SavannahUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Treanor, GraceU.S. Air Force AcademyXXX
Vazquez, IsabelUniversity of NevadaXXX
Volpintesta, FarrahUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXX
Ward, AllisonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXX
Watkins, TessaBrigham Young UniversityXX
Waxman, HollyUniversity of UtahXXX
Wesche, GraceNorthern Arizona UniversityXXX
Wesche, Margaret Northern Arizona UniversityXXX
Westmoreland, SummerSan Diego State UniversityXX
Wiley, AmayahArizona State UniversityXX
Wong, AmandaPepperdine UniversityXX
Wortman, JuliaStanford UniversityXX
Wren, SydneyUniversity of California, DavisXX
Yanovska, Viktoriia University of Nevada, Las VegasXXX
Young, MackenzieUniversity of California, DavisX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Angelovic, JohnCalifornia Baptist UniversityXXX
Brouillette, JonathanUniversity of DenverXX
Donald, PeytonStanford UniversityX
Dreesen, CodyBrigham Young UniversityXX
Flaute, AustinUniversity of ArizonaXXX
Foster, EthanStanford UniversityXX
Gonzalez, JuanUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Gosselin-paradis, Laurent University of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Gref, RobertUniversity of Southern CaliforniaX
Hindmarsh, ChaseBrigham Young UniversityXXX
Hollenbeck, HunterStanford UniversityXX
Honer, Evan California Baptist UniversityXXX
Jimenez, GaelCalifornia Baptist UniversityXXX
Kenyon, AlexU.S. Air Force AcademyXX
Korovin, Georgii University of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Kov, LyndonCal PolyX
Lee, PaytonUniversity of WyomingX
Liban, CalebArizona State UniversityXX
Lubell , Eli University of DenverXX
Lundgren, ZachoryArizona State UniversityXXX
Markentin, BjornUniversity of ArizonaXXX
McDivitt, LukeUniversity of UtahXXX
Modica, NatalCalifornia State University, BakersfieldXX
Morsy, ZyadUniversity of DenverXXX
Pennington, MackabyUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Pennock, JennerUniversity of UtahXXX
Petersen, EliasUniversity of UtahXX
Pfaffenbichler, ErikU.S. Air Force AcademyX
Poole, IsaacGrand Canyon UniversityXXX
Powell, MaxCal PolyXX
Robles, ReeceGrand Canyon UniversityX
Ryan, JackStanford UniversityXX
Smyth, BenUniversity of UtahXXX
Stallworth, LaneArizona State UniversityXXX
Strauss, MickeyBrigham Young UniversityXXX
Suchowski, JakeUniversity of UtahX
Tereshchenko, DmytroUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasXXX
Thai, JoshuaUniversity of California, BerkeleyXXX
Wang, ShangfeiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXX
Wesche, ThomasArizona State UniversityXXX
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