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2023 NCAA Division I Zone B Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2023 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.

Please note that this list is updated once a day based on reported results.
Since some meets do not report results the same day, it may take a few days for qualifiers to show up on this list after they qualified.

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Zone B
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Amer, MahaUniversity of FloridaX
Bidwell, CeliaNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Bishop, ChloeUniversity of FloridaX
Bradescu, AnnaGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXXX
Buntman, JessicaFlorida State UniversityXXX
Burrell, PaigeFlorida International UniversityXXX
Cervantes Mllan, VictoriaFlorida State UniversityX
Church, TatumUniversity of North Carolina, WilmingtonX
Clark, KayleighFlorida State UniversityXXX
Cranford, BayleighNorth Carolina State UniversityXXX
Cummo, MichelleUniversity of GeorgiaXX
Davenport, BaileyUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleX
Farrar, AbigailAuburn UniversityXXX
Goveia, SavannahDuke UniversityX
Greenberg, CaseyUniversity of FloridaXX
Gregersen, IsabelFlorida State UniversityXXX
Herring, JuliaUniversity of AlabamaXXX
Hurley, GracieUniversity of AlabamaX
Isenhour, ElizabethUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXX
Jacobsen, ElleDavidson CollegeXX
Johnson, VivianFlorida State UniversityXX
Joyce, EllieUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
Keenan, KristinaFlorida International UniversityX
Kidd, KyleighAuburn UniversityXX
Lehtonen, RuskaFlorida International UniversityXXX
Lopez, JeczaEast Carolina UniversityXX
Lucoe, TaneshaUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Lumia, CarinaUniversity of FloridaXXX
Mckyton, KatieGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
McNall, TrinityFlorida Atlantic UniversityX
Melish, AmandaGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
Monroy, CamylaUniversity of FloridaXXX
Mora, AliciaFlorida Atlantic UniversityXXX
O\'Meara, MargoDuke UniversityXX
O\'Neill, MaryNorth Carolina State UniversityX
Pagac, CarolineUniversity of FloridaXX
Patterson, FlanaryEast Carolina UniversityXX
Payne, KylieUniversity of AlabamaX
Perez, ElizabethUniversity of FloridaX
Phipps, LaraUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillX
Powell, GraceFlorida Atlantic UniversityXX
Powley, ElizabethGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXXX
Rakestraw, EmilyDuke UniversityXXX
Reese, MadisonUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Renner, ElleUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Rockefeller, ElisabethNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Rodgers, RyleighUniversity of AlabamaXX
Russo, CourtneyUniversity of AlabamaXXX
Shorter, LynaeUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXX
Starr, MikaelaFlorida International UniversityX
Staudenherz, SelinaFlorida Atlantic UniversityX
Stumpf, HannahUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Sullivan, AshlynnAuburn UniversityXXX
Synnott, HeleneNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Tate, ClaraNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Templeton, OliviaEast Carolina UniversityX
Valmassei, AnnicaDavidson CollegeXX
Vazquez Montano, AranzaUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXXX
Vear, SamanthaFlorida State UniversityXX
Walsh, KaylaAuburn UniversityXXX
Wang, AvariDuke UniversityXX
Warshaw, AlexandraUniversity of AlabamaXX
Watson, AliyahDuke UniversityXXX
Wells, KarleeGeorgia Southern UniversityXX
Wenzel, MeghanUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Zillig, JosieDuke UniversityXXX
Zuburg, AshtonNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Zuechner, AislinnUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXX
Zuniga Guzman, FridaEast Carolina UniversityXXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Andrus, WhitAuburn UniversityXXX
Badrian, EthanUniversity of North Carolina, WilmingtonXX
Bayer, CharlesUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXX
Bennett, BayneNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Berman, CharlesDuke UniversityXXX
Blackmon, TalanAuburn UniversityXXX
Bray, MatthewUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Calderaro, RenatoNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Cryer, ColtenUniversity of AlabamaXX
Cutforth, BenDavidson CollegeXX
Dees, ElishaUniversity of FloridaXXX
Donald, PeytonUniversity of FloridaXX
Donald, SkipUniversity of FloridaXXX
Dotson, LukeGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
Edin, PeterUniversity of AlabamaXX
Farouk, MohamedUniversity of MiamiXXX
Fowler, MaxGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXXX
Gesing, ConorUniversity of FloridaXXX
Gourlay, JamesDavidson CollegeX
Harding, SeamusDuke UniversityXXX
Hart, AlexanderUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
Hattie, BrydenUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Helling, JescoFlorida State UniversityXXX
Hopkins, RhettUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Kebler, HunterAuburn UniversityXXX
Kuhn, TrevorFlorida Atlantic UniversityXX
Lechuga Gonzalez, RubenGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
Lewis, NolanUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Loftin, CarterUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
Mann, AllenUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Mathews, PaulUniversity of AlabamaX
McCollum, WilliamDuke UniversityXXX
Newis, NicholasUniversity of North Carolina, WilmingtonXX
Nolasco, DarwinFlorida State UniversityXXX
Reasor, JacobUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Redfearn, OwenUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Scapens, BrodieUniversity of MiamiXX
Schattman, IoannisDuke UniversityXX
Scott, AlexanderGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXXX
Shepherd, BrandonFlorida Atlantic UniversityXX
Spencer, MaxwellUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXXX
Stone, NicholasUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Svirskyi, AntonUniversity of FloridaXXX
Thornett, HarperUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXX
Vargas, DavidFlorida State UniversityXXX
Vazquez, RodolfoUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
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