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2021 NCAA Division I Zone C Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2021 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.

* Events marked with an asterisk qualified via NCAA 2021 Spring approval process.

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Zone C
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Barker, LexieOhio State UniversityX*
Berger, BethanyEastern Michigan UniversityX*
Brenn, JacquelineOhio State UniversityX*
Bretscher, EmilyPurdue UniversityX*X*
Bugariu, AndreaUniversity of AkronX*
Canale, NikkiUniversity of MichiganX*
Crawford, MackenzieOhio State UniversityX*
Cutshaw, ChristyUniversity of MichiganX*
Erickson, AbigailUniversity of LouisvilleX*
Fowler, AnneIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Gilliland, TarrinIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Hogan, LucyUniversity of MichiganX*
Hopkins, MarkieNorthwestern UniversityX*
Kalik, PaigeUniversity of AkronX*
Klein, AllieUniversity of MichiganX*
Lecoeur, CarolineIllinois State UniversityX*
Liebenberg, CydneyUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoX*
Ling, AmandaMichigan State UniversityX*
Locante, CaitlinBall State UniversityX*
Mccahan, KateUniversity of Notre DameX*
Mcging, CiaraOhio State UniversityX*
McPherson, CamrynUniversity of MichiganX*
Merriman, MaggiePurdue UniversityX*X*
Parsons, LeahNorthwestern UniversityX*
Patrick, JayeNorthwestern UniversityX*
Praasterink, ElseUniversity of LouisvilleX*
Schempf, MicaelaEastern Michigan UniversityX*
Smith, ZainIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Straub, KellyUniversity of Notre DameX*
Vieta, MayceyPurdue UniversityX*
Wang, AlyssaIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Wiese, AnnieUniversity of Notre DameX*
Wilson, KaylaUniversity of LouisvilleX*
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Bramley, BenjaminPurdue UniversityX*X*
Canning, ChristopherUniversity of MichiganX*
Canova, JosephOhio State UniversityX*
Capobianco, AndrewIndiana University, BloomingtonX*X*
Duncan, GregoryPurdue UniversityX*
Eskrick, YohanNorthwestern UniversityX*
Fielding, JacobOhio State UniversityX*
Flaute, AustinUniversity of Notre DameX*
Gould, MoryIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Gur, KivancUniversity of LouisvilleX*
Lafortune, FelixUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoX*
Loschiavo, BrandonPurdue UniversityX*X*
Petrison, DavidUniversity of Notre DameX*
Pinto, DanielUniversity of LouisvilleX*
Romero, RodrigoUniversity of KentuckyX*
Scotty, SeamusIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Siler, JacobOhio State UniversityX*
Smith, LoganUniversity of LouisvilleX*
Sneden, AdamUniversity of LouisvilleX*
Todd, Ross University of MichiganX*
VanDevender, ColeIndiana University, BloomingtonX*
Yost, LyleOhio State UniversityX*
Zone C
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Knight, KyndalUniversity of KentuckyXXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Duncan, SamuelUniversity of KentuckyXX
Lane, ChaseUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Romero, RodrigoUniversity of KentuckyXX
Zhang, DannyUniversity of KentuckyXXX
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