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Dive Sheets: 787,078  Dive Scores: 5,302,378  Judge Scores: 24,223,260 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2022 USA Diving Winter Nationals
Date: Dec 14, 2022 to Dec 18, 2022

Championship Team Awards for Men

1JDAJohansen Diving Academy92.00
2PURPurdue Diving83.00
3TEXThe University of Texas66.00
5MIAFUniversity of Miami63.00
6IISDThe Indiana International School of Diving59.00
7PITTPitt Aquatic Club30.00
8TNTTNT Diving26.00
9MDCMontgomery Dive Club19.00
10KDCKentucky Diving Club10.00
10MIADMiami Diving10.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1TEXThe University of Texas130.00
2PURPurdue Diving62.00
3KDCKentucky Diving Club60.00
4MIAFUniversity of Miami40.00
6TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy28.00
7WOLVWolverine Diving25.00
8IISDThe Indiana International School of Diving23.50
9MILEMile High Dive Club12.00
9TRIATriad Diving Academy12.00
11KNIGKnight Diving Academy11.00
12JDAJohansen Diving Academy10.00
13COMCity of Midland9.50
14CORACoral Springs Diving8.50
15LEGALegacy Diving West6.50
15LDALegacy Diving6.50
17TODTeam Orlando Diving5.50
17ODAOrlando Dive Academy5.50

Championship Team Awards Overall

1TEXThe University of Texas196.00
2PURPurdue Diving145.00
3MIAFUniversity of Miami103.00
4JDAJohansen Diving Academy102.00
6IISDThe Indiana International School of Diving82.50
7KDCKentucky Diving Club70.00
8PITTPitt Aquatic Club30.00
9TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy28.00
10TNTTNT Diving26.00
11WOLVWolverine Diving25.00
12MDCMontgomery Dive Club19.00
13MILEMile High Dive Club12.00
13TRIATriad Diving Academy12.00
15KNIGKnight Diving Academy11.00
16MIADMiami Diving10.00
17COMCity of Midland9.50
18CORACoral Springs Diving8.50
19LEGALegacy Diving West6.50
19LDALegacy Diving6.50
21TODTeam Orlando Diving5.50
21ODAOrlando Dive Academy5.50

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