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Dive Sheets: 703,037  Dive Scores: 4,740,990  Judge Scores: 21,694,635 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2009 USA Diving Spring Region 4 Championships
Date: Mar 21, 2009 to Mar 22, 2009

Championship Team Awards for Men

1LDALegacy Diving124.00
2USEDUS Elite Diving Academy69.50
3TDTennessee Diving59.00
4AKRAkron Rippers56.00
5CARDCardinal Dive Club46.00
6MOSSMoss Farms Diving23.00
7INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving21.00
8PITTPitt Aquatic Club18.50
9HDHeartland Diving18.00
10STRZStarz Diving Club16.00
12WNGSWings Diving7.00
12AFDAmerican Flyers Diving7.00
14WTRCWTRC Dive Team5.00
15TDCThunderbird Diving Club2.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1LDALegacy Diving124.00
2USEDUS Elite Diving Academy123.00
3AKRAkron Rippers68.00
4MOSSMoss Farms Diving64.00
5TDTennessee Diving50.00
6TSDTri State Diving46.00
7PITTPitt Aquatic Club30.00
8KENTKentucky Diving Club27.00
9STLDSt Louis Diving Club22.00
10WTRCWTRC Dive Team21.00
10CARDCardinal Dive Club21.00
12PDCPioneer Dive Club15.00
13STRZStarz Diving Club10.00
14DCDive Cincinnati7.00
15INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving6.00
17TDCThunderbird Diving Club4.00
18AFDAmerican Flyers Diving2.00
19JADEJeff Arnold Diving Enterprises1.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1LDALegacy Diving248.00
2USEDUS Elite Diving Academy192.50
3AKRAkron Rippers124.00
4TDTennessee Diving109.00
5MOSSMoss Farms Diving87.00
6CARDCardinal Dive Club67.00
7PITTPitt Aquatic Club48.50
8TSDTri State Diving46.00
9INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving27.00
9KENTKentucky Diving Club27.00
11WTRCWTRC Dive Team26.00
11STRZStarz Diving Club26.00
13STLDSt Louis Diving Club22.00
14HDHeartland Diving18.00
16PDCPioneer Dive Club15.00
17AFDAmerican Flyers Diving9.00
18WNGSWings Diving7.00
18DCDive Cincinnati7.00
20TDCThunderbird Diving Club6.00
21JADEJeff Arnold Diving Enterprises1.00

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