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Dive Sheets: 521,345  Dive Scores: 3,522,603  Judge Scores: 16,591,155 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2009 USA Diving Spring Region 3 Championships
Date: Mar 7, 2009 to Mar 8, 2009

Championship Team Awards for Men

1MDCMontgomery Dive Club152.00
2CDACarolina Diving Academy106.00
3DDCDominion Dive Club84.00
4DADDuke Aquatics78.00
5PATPatriot Dive Club68.00
6THDTar Heel Diving38.00
7H2OAH2okie Aquatics37.00
8SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club24.00
9BDCBaylor Diving Club19.00
10BRAVBravo! Diving Club18.00
10LIBDLiberty Diving18.00
12CAVACavalier Diving Association11.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1MDCMontgomery Dive Club219.00
2CDACarolina Diving Academy84.00
3SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club69.00
4DDCDominion Dive Club54.00
5THDTar Heel Diving43.00
6LIBDLiberty Diving39.00
7DADDuke Aquatics35.00
8PATPatriot Dive Club33.00
9BDCBaylor Diving Club26.00
10H2OAH2okie Aquatics23.00
11PADP.A. Diving20.00
12CAVACavalier Diving Association4.00
13GDCGeorgia Diving Club3.00
14JRDJersey Rebels2.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1MDCMontgomery Dive Club371.00
2CDACarolina Diving Academy190.00
3DDCDominion Dive Club138.00
4DADDuke Aquatics113.00
5PATPatriot Dive Club101.00
6SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club93.00
7THDTar Heel Diving81.00
8H2OAH2okie Aquatics60.00
9LIBDLiberty Diving57.00
10BDCBaylor Diving Club45.00
11PADP.A. Diving20.00
12BRAVBravo! Diving Club18.00
13CAVACavalier Diving Association15.00
14GDCGeorgia Diving Club3.00
15JRDJersey Rebels2.00

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