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Dive Sheets: 725,753  Dive Scores: 4,901,874  Judge Scores: 22,504,625 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2016 San Antonio Divers Invitational
Date: May 14, 2016 to May 15, 2016

Championship Team Awards for Men

1SANASan Antonio Divers243.00
2AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving186.00
3TTDTeam Texas Diving88.00
4LHALonghorn Aquatics85.00
5BCDBig Cat Diving78.00
6TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy40.00
7STDASouth Texas United Diving Academy34.00
8GCDGC Diving15.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving371.00
2SANASan Antonio Divers287.00
3TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy132.00
4GCDGC Diving127.00
5LHALonghorn Aquatics114.00
6MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.92.00
7CDCCougar Diving Club87.00
8TTDTeam Texas Diving67.00
9BCDBig Cat Diving51.00
10STDASouth Texas United Diving Academy30.00
11CRDACougar Diving Academy9.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving557.00
2SANASan Antonio Divers530.00
3LHALonghorn Aquatics199.00
4TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy172.00
5TTDTeam Texas Diving155.00
6GCDGC Diving142.00
7BCDBig Cat Diving129.00
8MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.92.00
9CDCCougar Diving Club87.00
10STDASouth Texas United Diving Academy64.00
11CRDACougar Diving Academy9.00

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