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Dive Sheets: 603,031  Dive Scores: 4,075,879  Judge Scores: 19,016,904 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2008 USA Diving Age Group National Championships
Date: Aug 13, 2008 to Aug 16, 2008

Championship Team Awards for Men

1STANStanford Diving80.00
2MDCMontgomery Dive Club71.00
3CDCCougar Diving Club56.50
4SOCOSouthern Connecticut Diving53.50
5FLDTFt Lauderdale Diving Team47.00
6AKRAkron Rippers42.00
7PADP.A. Diving32.00
8MODSMillard Omaha Dive Squad31.00
9WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving30.00
9VTDVirginia Tech Diving30.00
11BDCBaylor Diving Club28.00
12ADAAtlanta Diving Association24.00
13PDAPrecision Diving Assn.23.00
14CHIChicago Diving Club20.00
14SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club20.00
16USEDUS Elite Diving Academy15.00
16MISSMissouri Diving Club15.00
18NCACNorth Carolina Aquatic Club13.00
19JANIJanik Divers12.00
20TWINTwin City Divers11.00
21STRZStarz Diving Club9.00
22TDTennessee Diving7.00
22CRDCharles River Diving7.00
24MIADMiami Diving6.00
25TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy4.00
26SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club3.00
27INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving1.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1MVNMission Viejo108.00
2USEDUS Elite Diving Academy95.00
3CVDCrown Valley Divers83.00
4MDCMontgomery Dive Club75.00
5SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club60.00
6CHIChicago Diving Club48.00
7MCDMad City Divers44.00
8CRDCharles River Diving40.00
9GCDGC Diving35.00
10WWDWhirlwind Diving32.00
11LDALegacy Diving29.00
11TWINTwin City Divers29.00
13LIDLong Island Divers27.00
14AKRAkron Rippers25.00
15VTDVirginia Tech Diving23.00
16THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club21.00
17NFDNorth Florida Diving18.00
18PDAPacific Diving Academy USA, Inc15.00
18JRDJersey Rebels15.00
18STRZStarz Diving Club15.00
21REBRebel Dive Club13.00
22SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club12.00
22PDAPrecision Diving Assn.12.00
24FLDTFt Lauderdale Diving Team11.00
24BADBoston Area Diving11.00
26ROSERose Bowl Aquatics10.00
27DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club9.00
28STANStanford Diving8.00
28WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving8.00
30PADP.A. Diving5.00
31INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving4.00
32JANIJanik Divers3.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1MDCMontgomery Dive Club146.00
2USEDUS Elite Diving Academy110.00
3MVNMission Viejo108.00
4STANStanford Diving88.00
5CVDCrown Valley Divers83.00
6SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club80.00
7CHIChicago Diving Club68.00
8AKRAkron Rippers67.00
9FLDTFt Lauderdale Diving Team58.00
10CDCCougar Diving Club56.50
11SOCOSouthern Connecticut Diving53.50
12VTDVirginia Tech Diving53.00
13CRDCharles River Diving47.00
14MCDMad City Divers44.00
15TWINTwin City Divers40.00
16WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving38.00
17PADP.A. Diving37.00
18GCDGC Diving35.00
18PDAPrecision Diving Assn.35.00
20WWDWhirlwind Diving32.00
21MODSMillard Omaha Dive Squad31.00
22LDALegacy Diving29.00
23BDCBaylor Diving Club28.00
24LIDLong Island Divers27.00
25ADAAtlanta Diving Association24.00
25STRZStarz Diving Club24.00
27THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club21.00
28NFDNorth Florida Diving18.00
29SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club15.00
29PDAPacific Diving Academy USA, Inc15.00
29JRDJersey Rebels15.00
29MISSMissouri Diving Club15.00
29JANIJanik Divers15.00
34REBRebel Dive Club13.00
34NCACNorth Carolina Aquatic Club13.00
36BADBoston Area Diving11.00
37ROSERose Bowl Aquatics10.00
38DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club9.00
39TDTennessee Diving7.00
40MIADMiami Diving6.00
41INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving5.00
42TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy4.00

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