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Team Results

Meet: 2008 USA Diving Summer Junior Region 4 Championships
Date: Jun 13, 2008 to Jun 15, 2008

Championship Team Awards for Men

1USEDUS Elite Diving Academy145.00
2DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club57.00
3AKRAkron Rippers44.00
4CARDCardinal Dive Club41.00
5GRDCGrand Rapids Diving Club30.00
5GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving30.00
7LDALegacy Diving27.00
8INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving22.00
9STRZStarz Diving Club21.00
10PITTPitt Aquatic Club20.00
11AHDAim High Diving13.00
11LAPOLaPorte Team Diving13.00
13SPAMichigan State University-Spartan Diving2.00
14Indy Twisters Diving Club1.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1USEDUS Elite Diving Academy307.50
2LDALegacy Diving133.50
3AKRAkron Rippers105.00
4STRZStarz Diving Club84.00
5KENTKentucky Diving Club65.00
6CARDCardinal Dive Club31.00
7JADEJeff Arnold Diving Enterprises20.00
8PITTPitt Aquatic Club19.00
9INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving15.00
10MIDCMichigan Dive Club14.00
11SPAMichigan State University-Spartan Diving10.00
12DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club7.00
13TSDTri State Diving4.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1USEDUS Elite Diving Academy452.50
2LDALegacy Diving160.50
3AKRAkron Rippers149.00
4STRZStarz Diving Club105.00
5CARDCardinal Dive Club72.00
6KENTKentucky Diving Club65.00
7DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club64.00
8PITTPitt Aquatic Club39.00
9INDIIndiana University/Indiana Diving37.00
10GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving30.00
10GRDCGrand Rapids Diving Club30.00
12JADEJeff Arnold Diving Enterprises20.00
13MIDCMichigan Dive Club14.00
14AHDAim High Diving13.00
14LAPOLaPorte Team Diving13.00
16SPAMichigan State University-Spartan Diving12.00
17TSDTri State Diving4.00
18Indy Twisters Diving Club1.00

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