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Dive Sheets: 790,015  Dive Scores: 5,320,590  Judge Scores: 24,317,481 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2015 USA Diving FINA World Championships Individual Trials
Date: May 15, 2015 to May 17, 2015

Championship Team Awards for Men

1TRISTriSynerG Diving Academy44.00
2LHALonghorn Aquatics32.00
3BOILBoiler Diving Academy24.00
4PURPurdue University19.00
5STANStanford Diving18.00
7NCDNorth Carolina Diving15.00
8CLAVClavadistas del Sol4.00
9WINDWindy City Diving2.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1TRISTriSynerG Diving Academy44.00
3TCSNTucson Diving Team19.00
4LHALonghorn Aquatics18.00
4TTDTeam Texas Diving18.00
6YCFTYCF Diving Team17.00
7FLORFlorida State University Diving Team16.00
7NCDNorth Carolina Diving16.00
9MIZZMizzou Diving15.00
10MVNMission Viejo Nadadores Dive14.00
11GCDGC Diving11.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1TRISTriSynerG Diving Academy88.00
2LHALonghorn Aquatics50.00
4NCDNorth Carolina Diving31.00
5BOILBoiler Diving Academy24.00
6TCSNTucson Diving Team19.00
6PURPurdue University19.00
8TTDTeam Texas Diving18.00
8STANStanford Diving18.00
10YCFTYCF Diving Team17.00
11FLORFlorida State University Diving Team16.00
12MIZZMizzou Diving15.00
13MVNMission Viejo Nadadores Dive14.00
14GCDGC Diving11.00
15CLAVClavadistas del Sol4.00
16WINDWindy City Diving2.00

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