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Dive Sheets: 689,136  Dive Scores: 4,656,475  Judge Scores: 21,409,196 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2014 Spring Fling Invitation
Date: Feb 15, 2014 to Feb 16, 2014

Championship Team Awards for Men

1CLAVClavadistas del Sol135.00
2SUNDSun Devil Divers129.00
3TCSNTucson Diving Team86.00
4AZMAArizona Marlins75.00
5EASTEast Valley Dive Club49.00
6YWSFYMCA Westside Silver Fins37.00
7AZHAZ Heat27.00
8NAZDNorthern Arizona Divers8.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1CLAVClavadistas del Sol283.00
2TCSNTucson Diving Team202.00
3EASTEast Valley Dive Club191.00
4SUNDSun Devil Divers173.00
5MESAMesa Aquatics Diving70.00
6NAZDNorthern Arizona Divers68.00
7AZMAArizona Marlins48.00
8YWSFYMCA Westside Silver Fins29.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1CLAVClavadistas del Sol418.00
2SUNDSun Devil Divers302.00
3TCSNTucson Diving Team288.00
4EASTEast Valley Dive Club240.00
5AZMAArizona Marlins123.00
6NAZDNorthern Arizona Divers76.00
7MESAMesa Aquatics Diving70.00
8YWSFYMCA Westside Silver Fins66.00
9AZHAZ Heat27.00

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