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Dive Sheets: 644,984  Dive Scores: 4,357,471  Judge Scores: 20,132,235 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2013 Glenn McCormick Memorial Diving Invitational
Date: Nov 16, 2013 to Nov 17, 2013

Championship Team Awards for Men

1MVNMission Viejo285.00
2CVDCrown Valley Divers208.00
3MCCOMcCormick Divers69.00
4ROSERose Bowl Aquatics68.00
5PDAPacific Diving Academy USA Inc36.00
6CACDCalifornia Coast Divers17.00
7SDDDSan Diego DIVERSity Diving Team9.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1MVNMission Viejo427.00
2CVDCrown Valley Divers280.00
3MCCOMcCormick Divers108.00
4ROSERose Bowl Aquatics67.00
5PDAPacific Diving Academy USA Inc52.00
6SSDStars and Stripes Diving31.00
7KERNKern River Divers30.00
8UCLAUCLA Diving16.00
9DSDDive San Diego11.00
10CACDCalifornia Coast Divers10.00
11SDDDSan Diego DIVERSity Diving Team4.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1MVNMission Viejo712.00
2CVDCrown Valley Divers488.00
3MCCOMcCormick Divers177.00
4ROSERose Bowl Aquatics135.00
5PDAPacific Diving Academy USA Inc88.00
6SSDStars and Stripes Diving31.00
7KERNKern River Divers30.00
8CACDCalifornia Coast Divers27.00
9UCLAUCLA Diving16.00
10SDDDSan Diego DIVERSity Diving Team13.00
11DSDDive San Diego11.00

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