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Round Up for Kelly

So far the Diving Community has raised $62,239.15 for Kelly and his family. Please help by "Rounding Up" during your next meet signup.

Kelly Jackman, whose ideas and vision have helped transform the sport of Diving, was a founding member of DiveMeets. Items that we now take for granted such as live results, Diver and Coach profiles, and online signup with divesheet validation exist because of Kelly. He has had a huge impact on the sport for Divers, Coaches, Parents, and Spectators.

Unfortunately, on November 7, 2011, Kelly suffered a massive stroke that has left him unable to speak, eat, sit, stand, walk, read, write, or move the left side of his body. Additionally, even though he has insurance, which has covered the majority of the millions that have been billed for his care, the cost of the deductibles and non covered items has forced his daughter to quit college and work full time in order to assist her mother with Kelly's care. However, they still need help, so we are asking the diving community to help us help them.

The Round Up For Kelly program gives you the opportunity to "Round Up" the total of your purchase and donate the amount to help pay for Kelly's ongoing care. During the meet signup process you will be prompted to make one of four selections:

All donations are fowarded directly to the family to assist them in covering the costs of Kelly's continued medical and rehab bills.

We thank you for any amount you can give!!!

To make a donation now, go to Kelly's website at:

Update - Thank You from the Kelly's Family - July 23, 2013
Dear Diving Community,

During the years that Kelly was traveling with DiveMeets he loved his trips with his "second family", which seem to include the divers,their families, Coaches, Members and Staff of organizations such as USA Diving, NCAA, AAU, FINA, FMN, and everyone who helped with DiveMeets along the way. Since Kelly's stroke, it has become more than apparent to us why he loved the Diving community as much as he did. We have received an overwhelming outreach from so many people, a mere Thank You cannot express how thankful we are for your generosity.

From the donations from the Round Up For Kelly these past few months, to the countless calls, letters and emails asking about him, offering help and wishing him and our family the best. Everyday we remind him how many people out their care and are waiting for him to get back, it is a constant motivation and never fails to bring a smile to his face.

We can't begin to thank each one of you for the generous donations and your kindness. The Diving community has stood behind our family without fail and we are eternally grateful to you all.

Much Love & Many Thanks,

Kelly, Gina
Ally & Shelby
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