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Dive Sheets: 603,197  Dive Scores: 4,076,948  Judge Scores: 19,022,254 and counting!!!
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Meet: BIIF Championship Meet
Date: Jan 25, 2019 to Jan 26, 2019

High School Girls 1m (11 Dives)

Sydney PattersonHILO1358.600.00
Taryn OdaHILO2347.65-10.95
Caitlyn NakataWHS3337.95-20.65
Rylee AuWHS4313.30-45.30
Isabelle AuWHS5306.95-51.65
Keli Malia HanleyHILO6300.30-58.30
Rani WilliamsHILO7265.50-93.10
Ana HendersonHPA8239.50-119.10

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