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Dive Sheets: 512,420  Dive Scores: 3,459,035  Judge Scores: 16,305,438 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2010 USA Diving Age Group Championships
Date: Jul 28, 2010 to Jul 31, 2010

Championship Team Awards for Men

1STANStanford Diving76.00
2CLAVClavadistas del Sol70.00
3CVDCrown Valley Divers63.00
4CDCCougar Diving Club61.00
5MVNMission Viejo57.00
6COMCity of Midland51.00
7AVDAll Valley Divers47.00
8ROSERose Bowl Aquatics42.00
9PITTPitt Aquatic Club40.00
103DD3D Diving34.00
11CDCentennial Diving31.00
12MDMansfield Diving30.00
12LHALonghorn Aquatics30.00
14GCDGC Diving29.00
14GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving29.00
16MDCMontgomery Dive Club26.00
17IRDIndian River Diving23.00
18LDALegacy Diving21.00
19CAPCapital Divers18.00
20HDHominid Diving15.00
21NMDNew Mexico Diving14.00
22MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.12.00
22TDTennessee Diving12.00
24ADAAtlanta Diving Association7.00
24SUNDSun Devil Divers7.00
24MDAMinnesota Diving Academy7.00
27SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club6.00
28WCDWest Chester Diving2.00
28FDTFishers Diving Team2.00
28PCDPort City Diving2.00
31REDDRed Dragon Diving1.00
31USEDUS Elite Diving Academy1.00
31VACVinton Aquatic Club, Inc.1.00
31CRDCharles River Diving1.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy126.00
2ROSERose Bowl Aquatics95.00
3MVNMission Viejo88.00
4GCDGC Diving67.00
5SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club54.00
6STANStanford Diving51.00
7USEDUS Elite Diving Academy38.00
8TCSNTucson Diving Team37.00
9LHALonghorn Aquatics34.00
9CDCCougar Diving Club34.00
11AVDAll Valley Divers33.00
11CNROConroe Diving Club33.00
13COMCity of Midland24.00
14LDALegacy Diving19.00
15MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.18.00
16CDACarolina Diving Academy16.00
17MIDCMichigan Dive Club15.00
17SDTSchroeder Diving Team15.00
19CDCentennial Diving14.00
19GRDCGrand Rapids Diving Club14.00
21AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving12.00
21UCLAUCLA Diving12.00
21GEDGeorgia Elite Diving12.00
21REDDRed Dragon Diving12.00
25MARLMarlins Diving Club10.00
25PINDPine Crest Diving10.00
25IRDIndian River Diving10.00
25CAPCapital Divers10.00
29MDCMontgomery Dive Club9.00
30CRDCharles River Diving8.00
30THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club8.00
32BADBoston Area Diving7.00
33CVDCrown Valley Divers6.00
34REBRebel Dive Club4.00
34WCDWest Chester Diving4.00
34PARKParkland Diving4.00
37NMDNew Mexico Diving3.00
38SUNDSun Devil Divers2.00
38TMDTaylor Made Divers2.00
40AKRAkron Rippers1.00
40TODTeam Orlando Diving1.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1MVNMission Viejo145.00
2ROSERose Bowl Aquatics137.00
3STANStanford Diving127.00
4TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy126.00
5GCDGC Diving96.00
6CDCCougar Diving Club95.00
7AVDAll Valley Divers80.00
8COMCity of Midland75.00
9CLAVClavadistas del Sol70.00
10CVDCrown Valley Divers69.00
11LHALonghorn Aquatics64.00
12SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club60.00
13CDCentennial Diving45.00
14LDALegacy Diving40.00
14PITTPitt Aquatic Club40.00
16USEDUS Elite Diving Academy39.00
17TCSNTucson Diving Team37.00
18MDCMontgomery Dive Club35.00
193DD3D Diving34.00
20CNROConroe Diving Club33.00
20IRDIndian River Diving33.00
22MDMansfield Diving30.00
22MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.30.00
24GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving29.00
25CAPCapital Divers28.00
26NMDNew Mexico Diving17.00
27CDACarolina Diving Academy16.00
28MIDCMichigan Dive Club15.00
28HDHominid Diving15.00
28SDTSchroeder Diving Team15.00
31GRDCGrand Rapids Diving Club14.00
32REDDRed Dragon Diving13.00
33AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving12.00
33UCLAUCLA Diving12.00
33GEDGeorgia Elite Diving12.00
33TDTennessee Diving12.00
37MARLMarlins Diving Club10.00
37PINDPine Crest Diving10.00
39CRDCharles River Diving9.00
39SUNDSun Devil Divers9.00
41THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club8.00
42MDAMinnesota Diving Academy7.00
42BADBoston Area Diving7.00
42ADAAtlanta Diving Association7.00
45WCDWest Chester Diving6.00
46REBRebel Dive Club4.00
46PARKParkland Diving4.00
48PCDPort City Diving2.00
48FDTFishers Diving Team2.00
48TMDTaylor Made Divers2.00
51VACVinton Aquatic Club, Inc.1.00
51AKRAkron Rippers1.00
51TODTeam Orlando Diving1.00

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