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Dive Sheets: 603,031  Dive Scores: 4,075,879  Judge Scores: 19,016,904 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: Patriot Invite (George Mason)
Date: Nov 16, 2017 to Nov 17, 2017

Championship Team Awards for Men

1DREXDrexel University79.00
2GMUGeorge Mason University43.00
3UMBCUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County41.00
4FAUFlorida Atlantic University40.00
5UNCWUniversity of North Carolina, Wilmington34.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1UNCWUniversity of North Carolina, Wilmington59.00
2FAUFlorida Atlantic University51.00
3AMERAmerican University42.00
3URVAUniversity of Richmond42.00
5GMUGeorge Mason University11.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1UNCWUniversity of North Carolina, Wilmington93.00
2FAUFlorida Atlantic University91.00
3DREXDrexel University79.00
4GMUGeorge Mason University54.00
5AMERAmerican University42.00
5URVAUniversity of Richmond42.00
7UMBCUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County41.00

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