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Dive Sheets: 512,420  Dive Scores: 3,459,035  Judge Scores: 16,305,438 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2009 USA Diving Spring Region 5 Championships
Date: Mar 7, 2009 to Mar 8, 2009

Championship Team Awards for Men

1GCDGC Diving94.00
2CHIChicago Diving Club88.00
3GPDGreat Plains Diving76.00
4GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving59.00
5JDCJayhawk Diving Club58.00
6CLAYClayton Diving Alliance43.00
7DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club35.00
8VACVinton Aquatic Club, Inc.27.00
9GADGlenbrook Aquatics Diving24.00
10MCDMad City Divers22.00
10ODTOakton Diving22.00
12TWINTwin City Divers15.00
12DDADupage Diving Academy15.00
14WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving8.00
14GRDCGrand Rapids Diving Club8.00
16SDTSchroeder Diving Team4.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1TWINTwin City Divers167.00
2GCDGC Diving147.00
3CHIChicago Diving Club67.00
4GADGlenbrook Aquatics Diving61.00
5SDTSchroeder Diving Team58.00
6CLAYClayton Diving Alliance51.00
7MCDMad City Divers46.00
8GPDGreat Plains Diving35.00
9MIDCMichigan Dive Club32.00
10JDCJayhawk Diving Club27.00
11GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving12.00
12DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club9.00
13DDADupage Diving Academy7.00
14BETTBettendorf Divers2.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1GCDGC Diving241.00
2TWINTwin City Divers182.00
3CHIChicago Diving Club155.00
4GPDGreat Plains Diving111.00
5CLAYClayton Diving Alliance94.00
6JDCJayhawk Diving Club85.00
6GADGlenbrook Aquatics Diving85.00
8GLADGreater Lafayette Area Diving71.00
9MCDMad City Divers68.00
10SDTSchroeder Diving Team62.00
11DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club44.00
12MIDCMichigan Dive Club32.00
13VACVinton Aquatic Club, Inc.27.00
14ODTOakton Diving22.00
14DDADupage Diving Academy22.00
16GRDCGrand Rapids Diving Club8.00
16WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving8.00
18BETTBettendorf Divers2.00

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