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Dive Sheets: 551,154  Dive Scores: 3,718,732  Judge Scores: 17,427,011 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2017 YMCA Nationals Championships
Date: Mar 30, 2017 to Apr 1, 2017

Championship Team Awards for Men

1WWDWhirlwind Diving389.00
2MOSSMoss Farms Diving237.00
3HDCHigh Dive Champions229.00
4YCFTYCF Diving Team143.00
5SFYYMCA of South Florida140.00
6SDTSchroeder Diving Team114.00
7YWSFYMCA Westside Silver Fins73.00
8BOSYMCA of Greater Boston44.00
9MARLMarlins Diving Club32.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1MARLMarlins Diving Club310.00
2YCFTYCF Diving Team274.00
3SFYYMCA of South Florida242.00
4HDCHigh Dive Champions177.00
4MOSSMoss Farms Diving177.00
6WWDWhirlwind Diving176.00
7SDTSchroeder Diving Team96.00
8GSTPYMCA of Greater St. Petersburg93.00
9NPLSGreater Naples YMCA15.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1WWDWhirlwind Diving565.00
2YCFTYCF Diving Team417.00
3MOSSMoss Farms Diving414.00
4HDCHigh Dive Champions406.00
5SFYYMCA of South Florida382.00
6MARLMarlins Diving Club342.00
7SDTSchroeder Diving Team210.00
8GSTPYMCA of Greater St. Petersburg93.00
9YWSFYMCA Westside Silver Fins73.00
10BOSYMCA of Greater Boston44.00
11NPLSGreater Naples YMCA15.00

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