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Dive Sheets: 509,944  Dive Scores: 3,442,211  Judge Scores: 16,238,761 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2008 USA Diving Spring Region 6 Championships
Date: Apr 5, 2008 to Apr 6, 2008

Championship Team Awards for Men

1GCDGC Diving104.00
2MILEMile High Dive Club99.00
3CHIChicago Diving Club97.00
4NDCNebraska Diving Club89.00
5MODSMillard Omaha Dive Squad62.00
6KCDCKansas City Dive Club48.00
7FCDCFort Collins Diving Club30.00
8WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving22.00
9PHDCPronghorn Diving Club12.00
10SDSooner Diving8.00
11BADBellevue Area Diving7.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1MILEMile High Dive Club191.00
2GCDGC Diving176.00
3NDCNebraska Diving Club103.00
4SANASan Antonio Divers59.00
5CHIChicago Diving Club57.00
6MODSMillard Omaha Dive Squad41.00
7LTLiberty Twisters37.00
8FCDCFort Collins Diving Club32.00
9WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving19.00
10SAGESagebrush Diving18.00
10KCDCKansas City Dive Club18.00
12LBWLoveland Boardworks3.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1MILEMile High Dive Club290.00
2GCDGC Diving280.00
3NDCNebraska Diving Club192.00
4CHIChicago Diving Club154.00
5MODSMillard Omaha Dive Squad103.00
6KCDCKansas City Dive Club66.00
7FCDCFort Collins Diving Club62.00
8SANASan Antonio Divers59.00
9WCPDWindy City Patriot Diving41.00
10LTLiberty Twisters37.00
11SAGESagebrush Diving18.00
12PHDCPronghorn Diving Club12.00
13SDSooner Diving8.00
14BADBellevue Area Diving7.00
15LBWLoveland Boardworks3.00

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