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Dive Sheets: 603,031  Dive Scores: 4,075,879  Judge Scores: 19,016,904 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: For the LOVE of Diving
Date: Feb 23, 2014 to Feb 23, 2014

Championship Team Awards for Men

1SCORScorpion Diving262.00
2CVDCrown Valley Divers233.00
3PDAPacific Diving Academy USA, Inc111.00
4DSDDive San Diego102.00
5MCCOMcCormick Divers69.00
6SDDDSan Diego DIVERSity Diving Team34.00
7SSDStars and Stripes Diving22.00
8KERNKern River Divers19.00
9FASTFallbrook Associated Swim Team15.00
10HDHominid Diving12.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1CVDCrown Valley Divers380.00
2SCORScorpion Diving228.50
3DSDDive San Diego198.50
4PDAPacific Diving Academy USA, Inc145.00
5SSDStars and Stripes Diving113.00
6MCCOMcCormick Divers68.00
7KERNKern River Divers57.00
8SDDDSan Diego DIVERSity Diving Team47.00
9FASTFallbrook Associated Swim Team40.00
10HDHominid Diving31.50

Championship Team Awards Overall

1CVDCrown Valley Divers613.00
2SCORScorpion Diving490.50
3DSDDive San Diego300.50
4PDAPacific Diving Academy USA, Inc256.00
5MCCOMcCormick Divers137.00
6SSDStars and Stripes Diving135.00
7SDDDSan Diego DIVERSity Diving Team81.00
8KERNKern River Divers76.00
9FASTFallbrook Associated Swim Team55.00
10HDHominid Diving43.50

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