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Dive Sheets: 512,420  Dive Scores: 3,459,035  Judge Scores: 16,305,438 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: 2013 USA Diving ATT Senior National Diving Championships
Date: Aug 13, 2013 to Aug 18, 2013

Championship Team Awards for Men

1INDIIndiana Diving Club244.00
2MIADMiami Diving97.00
3BOILBoiler Diving Academy82.00
4MVNMission Viejo70.00
5LHALonghorn Aquatics51.00
6OHIOOhio State Diving Club40.00
7KENTKentucky Diving Club32.00
8STANStanford Diving16.00
9ALABAlabama Diving15.00
10PACKPack Diving14.00
11MIZZMizzou Diving12.00
12GCDGC Diving10.00
13CLAVClavadistas del Sol9.00
14MDCMontgomery Dive Club6.50
14SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club6.50
16TDTennessee Diving6.00
16CDCentennial Diving6.00
18CALCAL Diving Club5.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1LHALonghorn Aquatics141.50
2OHIOOhio State Diving Club122.00
3INDIIndiana Diving Club68.00
4H2OAH2okie Aquatics46.00
5MDAMason Dive Academy39.00
5KENTKentucky Diving Club39.00
7MILEMile High Dive Club37.00
8NMDNew Mexico Diving32.00
9GCDGC Diving26.00
10MVNMission Viejo25.00
12TDCTomahawk Diving Club17.00
13AKRAkron Rippers16.00
14MDAMinnesota Diving Academy15.00
14PACKPack Diving15.00
16DUKEDuke Diving13.00
17MIZZMizzou Diving12.00
17STANStanford Diving12.00
19BDTBoca Dive Team10.00
20MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.9.00
21DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club6.00
22TROJTrojan Dive Club5.00
23SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club1.00
24LDALegacy Diving0.50

Championship Team Awards Overall

1INDIIndiana Diving Club312.00
2LHALonghorn Aquatics192.50
3OHIOOhio State Diving Club162.00
4MIADMiami Diving97.00
5MVNMission Viejo95.00
6BOILBoiler Diving Academy82.00
7KENTKentucky Diving Club71.00
8H2OAH2okie Aquatics46.00
9MDAMason Dive Academy39.00
10MILEMile High Dive Club37.00
11GCDGC Diving36.00
12NMDNew Mexico Diving32.00
13PACKPack Diving29.00
14STANStanford Diving28.00
15MIZZMizzou Diving24.00
17TDCTomahawk Diving Club17.00
18AKRAkron Rippers16.00
19ALABAlabama Diving15.00
19MDAMinnesota Diving Academy15.00
21DUKEDuke Diving13.00
22BDTBoca Dive Team10.00
23CLAVClavadistas del Sol9.00
23MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.9.00
25SEDCSoaring Eagles Dive Club7.50
26MDCMontgomery Dive Club6.50
27DDDDouble Dragon Diving Club6.00
27CDCentennial Diving6.00
27TDTennessee Diving6.00
30CALCAL Diving Club5.00
30TROJTrojan Dive Club5.00
32LDALegacy Diving0.50

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