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Team Results

Meet: 2013 Junior West National Championships
Date: Apr 12, 2013 to Apr 14, 2013

Championship Team Awards for Men

1GCDGC Diving123.00
2ROSERose Bowl Aquatics88.00
3MVNMission Viejo82.00
4STANStanford Diving69.00
5NDCNebraska Diving Club49.00
6MILEMile High Dive Club40.00
7CLAVClavadistas del Sol30.00
8TROJTrojan Dive Club25.00
9CAPCapital Divers24.00
9WINDWindy City Diving24.00
11AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving22.00
12LHALonghorn Aquatics21.00
13JDCJayhawk Diving Club13.00
14SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club12.00
14SANASan Antonio Divers12.00
16NMDNew Mexico Diving11.00
16CVDCrown Valley Divers11.00
18PDAPacific Diving Academy USA Inc8.00
19MCCOMcCormick Divers6.00
20THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club3.00
20ODCOmaha Dive Club3.00
22HDHominid Diving2.00
22SUNDSun Devil Divers2.00
22CLAYClayton Diving Alliance2.00
25TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy1.00
25COMCity of Midland1.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1GCDGC Diving155.00
2LHALonghorn Aquatics90.00
3ROSERose Bowl Aquatics66.00
4SCALSoCal Divers49.00
5NDCNebraska Diving Club32.00
6CDCCougar Diving Club26.00
7TROJTrojan Dive Club25.00
7MVNMission Viejo25.00
9MILEMile High Dive Club23.00
9CVDCrown Valley Divers23.00
11SANASan Antonio Divers22.00
12SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club21.00
13AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving16.00
14MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.15.00
15MCCOMcCormick Divers14.00
15PDAPacific Diving Academy USA Inc14.00
17CHIChicago Diving Club10.00
18COMCity of Midland8.00
19ODCOmaha Dive Club6.00
19THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club6.00
21STANStanford Diving3.00
22ARROArrow Dive Club2.00
23CLAYClayton Diving Alliance1.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1GCDGC Diving278.00
2ROSERose Bowl Aquatics154.00
3LHALonghorn Aquatics111.00
4MVNMission Viejo107.00
5NDCNebraska Diving Club81.00
6STANStanford Diving72.00
7MILEMile High Dive Club63.00
8TROJTrojan Dive Club50.00
9SCALSoCal Divers49.00
10AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving38.00
11SANASan Antonio Divers34.00
11CVDCrown Valley Divers34.00
13SCDCSanta Clara Diving Club33.00
14CLAVClavadistas del Sol30.00
15CDCCougar Diving Club26.00
16CAPCapital Divers24.00
16WINDWindy City Diving24.00
18PDAPacific Diving Academy USA Inc22.00
19MCCOMcCormick Divers20.00
20MUSTMustangs in the Sun, Inc.15.00
21JDCJayhawk Diving Club13.00
22NMDNew Mexico Diving11.00
23CHIChicago Diving Club10.00
24ODCOmaha Dive Club9.00
24COMCity of Midland9.00
24THDCTualatin Hills Dive Club9.00
27CLAYClayton Diving Alliance3.00
28ARROArrow Dive Club2.00
28HDHominid Diving2.00
28SUNDSun Devil Divers2.00
31TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy1.00

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