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Dive Sheets: 531,675  Dive Scores: 3,589,046  Judge Scores: 16,840,668 and counting!!!
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Team Results

Meet: Lone Star Diving Invitational
Date: Mar 2, 2013 to Mar 2, 2013

Championship Team Awards for Men

1AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving222.00
2CNROConroe Diving Club200.00
3LONELonestar Diving Team138.00
4TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy76.00
5TEAMTeam A and M Diving58.00

Championship Team Awards for Women

1CNROConroe Diving Club466.00
2AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving296.00
3LONELonestar Diving Team249.00
4TEAMTeam A and M Diving194.00
5TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy174.00
6LHALonghorn Aquatics70.00

Championship Team Awards Overall

1CNROConroe Diving Club666.00
2AAADAlamo Area Aquatics Diving518.00
3LONELonestar Diving Team387.00
4TEAMTeam A and M Diving252.00
5TWDAWoodlands Diving Academy250.00
6LHALonghorn Aquatics70.00

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