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2019 NCAA Division I Zone E Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2019 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.
Scores achieved from other meet formats such as paper or another software will be added starting mid-January.

If you recently competed in a meet and are not on this list, please note that this list is updated once daily.

* Events marked with an asterisk qualified via "Send In" results.

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Zone E
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Brommer, RainaNew Mexico State UniversityX*X*
Christensen, LondenUniversity of California, DavisX*
Decker, SheridanNew Mexico State UniversityX*X*
Jones, AlyssaNorthern Arizona UniversityX*
Sharrer, EmilyNorthern Arizona UniversityX*
Truong, KatieUniversity of California, DavisX*
Zone E
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Belanger, EloiseUniversity of California, Los AngelesXXX
Bose, CassidyBoise State UniversityXX
Cacao, AlexaUniversity of California, BerkeleyX
Call, KaelaBrigham Young UniversityXX
Cazares, GinaSan Diego State UniversityXX
Cheetham, JenniferNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Christensen, LondenUniversity of California, DavisX
Concepcion, AllysonUniversity of New MexicoX
Cribbs, KennedyBrigham Young UniversityX
Dark, NatashaUniversity of New MexicoXX
Elmidany, MennaGrand Canyon UniversityXX
Erlam , MartineBoise State UniversityXX
Farnsworth, HaleyStanford UniversityXXX
Fowler, EveU.S. Air Force AcademyX
Funk, Kelli AnnCalifornia State University, FresnoX
Gallagher, DelaneySan Diego State UniversityXXX
Gallais, JocelynUniversity of New MexicoXX
Gavaris, MonicaUniversity of HawaiiX
Gowlett, NaomiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Grandpre, PeytonUniversity of WyomingX
Greenlow, ClareUniversity of UtahXX
Harris, CeejayUniversity of WyomingXX
Hauff, MackinnaNew Mexico State UniversityXX
Hornberger, TaylorUniversity of California, DavisX
Houser, IvyUniversity of HawaiiXX
Imanaka, NikkiUniversity of IdahoXX
Jackson, KaylieBrigham Young UniversityX
Kaellgren, FridaArizona State UniversityXX
Kurach, TatianaNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Lamay, PhoebeUniversity of California, BerkeleyXX
Lechuga Gonzalez, XimeniaSan Diego State UniversityXXX
Lenz, DariaStanford UniversityXX
Letts, LexiSan Diego State UniversityX
Llona, CelesteUniversity of Northern ColoradoX
London, AdiaBrigham Young UniversityX
Lucas, JanelleUniversity of IdahoX
McCool, AshleyArizona State UniversityXX
Mellow, MorganBrigham Young UniversityXX
Navas, KathleenUniversity of California, BerkeleyX
Nikolaeva, IrinaCalifornia State University, FresnoXX
Opalka, ZoraUniversity of DenverXX
Paul, MorganBrigham Young UniversityXX
Paulsen, MiaStanford UniversityXXX
Polyakova, MariaUniversity of California, Los AngelesXX
Reed, EmilySan Diego State UniversityXX
Rice, VictoriaUniversity of NevadaXX
Ruchala, EmmaUniversity of UtahXX
Schnell, DelaneyUniversity of ArizonaXXX
Sculti, CarolinaStanford UniversityXXX
Shiver, TraciUniversity of California, Los AngelesX
Shmitova, TamaraUniversity of NevadaXX
Sorensen, LinneaUniversity of NevadaXX
Souza, CarlyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Stone, JamiUniversity of HawaiiX
Tam, AlysonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaX
Thai, BrianaUniversity of California, BerkeleyXXX
Torrente, ChristinaNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Urzua, MontseUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasXX
Vazquez, IsabelUniversity of NevadaXX
Williams, SkylarColorado State UniversityX
Witt, MadisonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Yacopino, MarieSan Diego State UniversityX
Yanovsky, AliceUniversity of California, Los AngelesX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Abramowicz, TazmanUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasXXX
Armagost, Cole U.S. Air Force AcademyXX
Benson, NickGrand Canyon UniversityX
Burman, MaxUniversity of HawaiiXX
Callahan, ConnorUniversity of California, BerkeleyXXX
Casey, ConorStanford UniversityXX
Cawley, JesseUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasXX
Chen, TonyUniversity of UtahXX
Cooper, MorganBrigham Young UniversityXX
Cooperman, LucasUniversity of HawaiiXX
Correa, Eric University of ArizonaXXX
Cudmore, JacksonCalifornia Polytechnic State UniversityX
Dalrymple, BradUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXX
Dixon, CalebUniversity of Southern CaliforniaX
Evans, RyanBrigham Young UniversityXX
Farabee, BryceBrigham Young UniversityX
Fusaro, HenryUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Gonzales, NathanBrigham Young UniversityXX
Hoffer, DavidArizona State UniversityXX
Little, RylanUniversity of UtahXXX
Lucero, OctavioUniversity of HawaiiX
Mahler, KimbleBrigham Young UniversityX
McDivitt, LukeUniversity of UtahX
McKinley, NoahCalifornia Polytechnic State UniversityXX
Newcombe, GrantUniversity of HawaiiXX
Pennington, MackabyUniversity of the PacificX
Ponton, CaseyUniversity of ArizonaXX
Robinson, JonathanUniversity of California, BerkeleyX
Russi, RyanUniversity of WyomingXX
Sandell, JohanUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Selim, YoussefArizona State UniversityXXX
Spencer, BrandonArizona State UniversityXX
Theriault, DanielUniversity of UtahX
Toscani, PietroGrand Canyon UniversityXX
Vigran, NoahStanford UniversityXXX
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