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2019 NCAA Division I Zone D Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2019 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.
Scores achieved from other meet formats such as paper or another software will be added starting mid-January.

If you recently competed in a meet and are not on this list, please note that this list is updated once daily.

* Events marked with an asterisk qualified via "Send In" results.

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Zone D
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Ceyanes, Chloe Texas AandM University, College StationX*
Clinton, AnnikaUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaX*
Deighton, ConnieTexas Christian UniversityX*
Garza , Ana Lucia University of the Incarnate WordX*X*
Hafey, AlexandraUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX*
Taylor, MadelineUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaX*
Walding, HarperTexas AandM University, College StationX*
Yarbrough, AshleyMissouri State UniversityX*
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Childs, AustinTexas AandM University, College StationX*
Claunch, MichaelMissouri State UniversityX*
Newton, TimmyUniversity of the Incarnate WordX*
Pearce, AndrewUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX*
Schachle, BraydenUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX*
Wilkerson, HudsonUniversity of South DakotaX*
Zone D
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Allen, HaleyTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Amer, MahaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXXX
Ashdown, IsabellaTexas Christian UniversityXX
Bacon, SarahUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Batten, KaleyTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Blodgett, JolieUniversity of HoustonX
Brickey, AmberUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaX
Bromberg, MurphyThe University of TexasXXX
Brown, Tally University of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Burrell, LaurenUniversity of HoustonXX
Campbell, CharlyeTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Charapich, PeriUniversity of KansasX
Conrad, PaytonUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Crown, KathrynSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Cui, ElizabethLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Deighton, ConnieTexas Christian UniversityX
Deininger, KatieUniversity of HoustonXXX
Fu, XiaoUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Gibson, AlisonThe University of TexasXX
Hayden, KristenUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Hertting, HazelUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
Holloway, JohannaSouthern Methodist UniversityXXX
Justus, MorganUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Kalonji, Alais Texas AandM University, College StationXXX
Khamis, MariamUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Knapton, Abigail University of Nebraska, LincolnXXX
Liva, DanaIowa State UniversityXXX
Mathews, JayahUniversity of IowaXX
Menninger, MorganThe University of TexasXX
Mosena, EstillaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Obrien, MeghanThe University of TexasXX
Ohlhauser, TaylorSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Park, ClaireUniversity of IowaXX
Pederson, HaleyUniversity of South DakotaX
Pineda, PaolaThe University of TexasXXX
Rauzi, SofiaThe University of TexasXXX
Ronald, SydneyIowa State UniversityXX
Rousseau, SarahUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Sarkis, JaeUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Schank, SarahUniversity of South DakotaXX
Schultz, BrookeUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Strandberg , Thelma University of IowaXXX
Tamborski, SamanthaUniversity of IowaXX
Thomas, JacinthaUniversity of IowaXX
Tiernon, GraceUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnX
Troyer, Sara University of Nebraska, LincolnXX
Vithoulkas, TerezaUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXXX
Wallar, MakaylaUniversity of HoustonXX
Warak, JessicaUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnXXX
Welch, CarolineUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Whitt, JaylynnUniversity of HoustonXX
Wilson, AimeeLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Xu, VickyUniversity of KansasXXX
Yarbrough, AshleyMissouri State UniversityX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Abramowicz, TazmanUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXXX
Brenner, WilliamUniversity of IowaXX
Campbell, GraysonThe University of TexasXX
Cornish, JacobThe University of TexasXXX
Gawin-Parigini, AndrewThe University of TexasXX
Goodwin, KyleUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Gottsch, WilliamUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Hardigree, ParkerSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Hernandez, JuanLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Hoherz, AntonUniversity of IowaXXX
Hurbis, DakotaLouisiana State UniversityXX
Khamis, IsaacUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Kreiter, AndrewUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Leblang, AlanUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Lester, DuncanUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesX
Lucido, PeterUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Martinez, DawsonUniversity of the Incarnate WordXX
Mathews, KurtisTexas AandM University, College StationXX
McClellan, MatthewLouisiana State UniversityXX
Merritt, ReedThe University of TexasXX
Morris, IsaacUniversity of South DakotaX
Moser, JeremyUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Newton, TimmyUniversity of the Incarnate WordX
Phillip, MatthewLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Pomeroy, KevinUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXXX
Posligua, JonatanUniversity of IowaXX
Raihle, MitchSouth Dakota State UniversityX
Royzen, MaximUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Skenandore, DakotaUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeX
Thornton, SamTexas AandM University, College StationXXX
Weber, JoeySouth Dakota State UniversityX
Werner, AidenUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesX
Wilkerson, HudsonUniversity of South DakotaX
Windle, JordanThe University of TexasXXX
Yang, NickUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
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