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2018 NCAA Division I Zone Qualifiers

The following is a list of divers who have qualified to the 2018 NCAA Division I Zones at meets using the DiveMeets system.
Qualifiers not on this list will need to provide proof of qualification at the meet as per NCAA Rules.

If you recently competed in a meet and are not on this list, please note that this list is only updated once a week.

* Events marked with an asterisk qualified via "Send In" results.

Zone A Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Campos, Anna St. Bonaventure UniversityX*
Hatter, BreRider UniversityX*
Sherman, CaseyCollege of the Holy CrossX*X*
Zone A Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Nachtwey, PeterGeorge Washington UniversityX*X*
Ortiz, JakeGeorge Washington UniversityX*
Tomczyk, NicholasGeorge Washington UniversityX*
Walles, WilliamRider UniversityX*X*
Warker, JosephRider UniversityX*
Zone E Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Fonseca, KylieSan Jose State UniversityX*
Sondeno, NatashaSan Jose State UniversityX*
Stone, JamiUniversity of HawaiiX*
Zone E Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Cooperman, LucasUniversity of HawaiiX*
Newcombe, GrantUniversity of HawaiiX*X*
Zone U Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Brosnahan, AndreaUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaX*
Zone A Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Allchurch, HannahHarvard UniversityXX
Boric , MajaUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstXX
Buchter, AshleyVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXXX
Byrne, RachelRutgers, State University of New Jersey, New BrunswickXXX
Byrum, LenoraJames Madison UniversityX
Dusel, SydneyUniversity of VirginiaXXX
Gerdes, MeghanU.S. Naval AcademyXX
Gross, EmilyJames Madison UniversityX
Hallstead, SericaU.S. Military AcademyX
Jehl, KelseyTowson UniversityXX
Johnson, CoreyUniversity of VirginiaXX
Leung, JingHarvard UniversityX
Mah, AlishaHarvard UniversityXX
Moran, KellyUniversity at Buffalo, the State University of New YorkXX
Peifer, SophiaPrinceton UniversityX
Peters, AshlynnVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXXX
Polk, KatieUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstX
Porter, JocelynUniversity of VirginiaXX
Roush, EmmaUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstXX
Russ, KatieHarvard UniversityX
Scribbick, SinePrinceton UniversityX
Sharp, MemeUniversity of PittsburghXX
Thompson, MikaelaHarvard UniversityXX
Towbin, KylieUniversity of VirginiaXXX
Walkowiak, AddisonRutgers, State University of New Jersey, New BrunswickXXX
Watters, NikkiYale UniversityXX
Wilson, EmilyTowson UniversityXX
Zone A Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Belch, NathanielU.S. Naval AcademyXX
Buchter, BradleyU.S. Naval AcademyXX
Carter, PatrickU.S. Naval AcademyXX
Castro, EduardoVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXXX
Chiacchia, SamPrinceton UniversityX
Crow, JohnPennsylvania State UniversityX
Ference, JoeUniversity of PittsburghX
Garcia Boissier, HectorPennsylvania State UniversityXX
Gigliotti, JackVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXXX
Hedrick, JakeU.S. Naval AcademyXX
Hodges, GeraldGeorge Mason UniversityX
Larcom, JoshuaCanisius CollegeX
Marble, NoahUniversity of PittsburghX
Minns, CharliePrinceton UniversityXX
Ortiz, JakeGeorge Washington UniversityX
Palo, BrettCanisius CollegeX
Pantel, JaydenColumbia University-Barnard CollegeXX
Pfeifer, DavidHarvard UniversityX
Proietto, MichaelWest Virginia UniversityXXX
Ross, BobbyHarvard UniversityXX
Santos, KristianCanisius CollegeXX
Scanlon, ConnorPennsylvania State UniversityX
Schiesl, BenjaminVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXX
Shelton, IanUniversity of VirginiaXX
Shinholser, ThomasVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXXX
Silva, MauroVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityXXX
Suckow, JonathanColumbia University-Barnard CollegeXX
Wright, TravisCanisius CollegeXX
Young, ColtenPrinceton UniversityXX
Yurasits, DylanLa Salle UniversityXX
Zone B Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Austin, MckensiUniversity of GeorgiaXX
Ball, OliviaUniversity of GeorgiaXX
Blagg, AliciaUniversity of MiamiXX
Blank, SarahEast Carolina UniversityX
Bonniwell, AylaFlorida State UniversityXX
Bouchard, BrookeFlorida International UniversityX
Burston, RachelNorth Carolina State UniversityX
Carlson, MollyFlorida State UniversityXX
Chaney, CarolynUniversity of MiamiXX
Dawson, ElissaUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXXX
Doi, CarolineGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
Duvall, MadisonUniversity of GeorgiaXX
Fitzpatrick, ElizabethDuke UniversityXX
Foord, RachelFlorida International UniversityX
Gaudette, JainaDuke UniversityX
Goh, Yu QianUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXX
Gohr, PaigeGeorgia Institute of TechnologyX
Hernandez, AnaUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Hidalgo, CamrynGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXXX
Hockenberry, TaylorUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillX
Kline, MadelineNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Layland, WallaceUniversity of MiamiXX
Lim, FreidaUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Lohman, MariaUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXXX
Lujan, MikaelaUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXXX
Madden, BrookeUniversity of FloridaXX
Maillard, AlisonAuburn UniversityXXX
Maric, MarcelaUniversity of MiamiXX
Moretti, VictoriaFlorida Atlantic UniversityX
Mulka, BlaireFlorida State UniversityXX
Nied, AllysonUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaX
Norton, ErinAuburn UniversityXX
Novak, MelissaFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityX
Price, KarleeUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXX
Quesnel, RebeccaFlorida International UniversityXX
Roueche, AliciaEast Carolina UniversityXX
Rubadue, RachelUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Syskakis, TeyaUniversity of FloridaXX
Targonski, MaryEllenDuke UniversityX
Vincent, JuliaUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaXX
Whitner, EmmaUniversity of FloridaXX
Willborn, MackenzieDuke UniversityXX
Young, KatrinaFlorida State UniversityX
Zone B Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Allen, BryanUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXXX
Allen, ZacharyUniversity of GeorgiaXXX
Andrews, LoganAuburn UniversityXXX
Bellamy, DevinUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
Brady, JamesNorth Carolina State UniversityXXX
Burston, SeanUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
Carman, HenryGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
Casillas, MatthewGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXXX
Clifton, CharlesUniversity of GeorgiaXX
Cooper, ZachUniversity of MiamiXXX
Costine, RobbyUniversity of AlabamaX
Davidson, JoshuaFlorida State UniversityXX
Dinsmore, DavidUniversity of MiamiXX
Downey, LoganFlorida Atlantic UniversityX
Duncan, GregoryUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillXX
Faminoff, AidanFlorida State UniversityXXX
Farrow, AlexUniversity of FloridaX
Forlini, IanUniversity of GeorgiaXX
Goss, RobertUniversity of FloridaX
Gray, JohnNorth Carolina State UniversityX
Hallam, William University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXX
Hernandez, NathanielDuke UniversityXXX
Kreider, JacobGeorgia Institute of TechnologyXX
Lazeroff, ScottAuburn UniversityXXX
Mallet, NolanGeorgia Institute of TechnologyX
Moretti, EvanDuke UniversityXX
Owsiany, AndrewUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillX
Owsiany, JoshuaDuke UniversityX
Rettinghouse, AustinUniversity of AlabamaX
Roberge, TylerFlorida State UniversityXXX
Rusek, NicholasUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXX
Spanbauer, StewartNorth Carolina State UniversityXX
Stone, LiamUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXX
Summers, GrantUniversity of South Carolina, ColumbiaX
Thatcher, CameronFlorida State UniversityXXX
Tianyi, ZengDuke UniversityXXX
Turnham, PeteAuburn UniversityXXX
Waln, DavisGeorgia Institute of TechnologyX
Zeng, ZhipengUniversity of Tennessee, KnoxvilleXXX
Zone C Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Andrews, ClaireUniversity of Notre DameXX
Angerame, GenevieveOhio State UniversityXXX
Barker, LexieOhio State UniversityX
Bretscher, EmilyPurdue UniversityXX
Canale, NikkiUniversity of MichiganXX
Clark, CourtneyUniversity of KentuckyXX
Coverdale, CourtneyUniversity of EvansvilleX
Crail, KarlyUniversity of AkronX
Cutshaw, ChristyUniversity of MichiganXX
Dahlman, RyleeIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Dellmore, EmmaUniversity of KentuckyXX
Fears, MollyUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Glick, BethanyYoungstown State UniversityX
Isola, ErinUniversity of Notre DameXX
Ji, JiaxinSouthern Illinois University at CarbondaleX
Kuhn, MadelineUniversity of Illinois, ChampaignX
Lemke, TalisaBowling Green State UniversityXX
Liebenberg, CydneyUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
Ling, AmandaMichigan State UniversityX
McPherson, CamrynOhio State UniversityXX
Meaney, EmilyPurdue UniversityXXX
Meixner, MorganPurdue UniversityXX
Parratto, JessicaIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Reese, SamanthaPurdue UniversityXX
Rosendahl, OliviaNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Scannell, ErynNorthwestern UniversityX
Schuermann, ClaireUniversity of CincinnatiXX
Sliney, MichaelaUniversity of LouisvilleX
Straub, KellyUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Tarvit, LaraOhio State UniversityXXX
Vincent, AlexisPurdue UniversityX
White, AshleyBowling Green State UniversityX
Zone C Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Akers, MatthewCleveland State UniversityX
Canning, ChristopherUniversity of MichiganXX
Canova, JosephOhio State UniversityXXX
Capobianco, AndrewIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Cifelli, JosephPurdue UniversityXX
Coldren, CodyIndiana University, BloomingtonX
Connor, JamesIndiana University, BloomingtonXX
Coumos, JosephUniversity of Notre DameXX
Daniels-Freeman, AaronOhio State UniversityXXX
Fecteau., DanielUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Frebel, KevinUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Gould, MoryIndiana University, BloomingtonX
Herremans, JacobUniversity of MichiganXXX
Hixon, MichaelIndiana University, BloomingtonXX
Johnson, SteelePurdue UniversityXX
Jou, StephenUniversity of KentuckyX
Lane, ChaseUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Law, ChristopherOhio State UniversityXXX
Lewarchick, AndrewUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoX
Loschiavo, BrandonPurdue UniversityXXX
Masterton, SebastianUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Mastey, MitchellIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Pinto, DanielUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Romanik, StephenOhio State UniversityXXX
Siler, JacobOhio State UniversityXXX
Smith, JosephOakland UniversityXX
Somhegyi, KrisztianIndiana University-Purdue University at IndianapolisXX
Todd, Ross University of MichiganXXX
Waszak, DavidUniversity of Notre DameX
White, ClayOhio State UniversityXXX
Zone D Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Amer, MahaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Bacon, SarahUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Beckwith, AlexaUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Bouter, MicaelaUniversity of HoustonXX
Bromberg, SamanthaThe University of TexasXXX
Burrell, LaurenUniversity of HoustonX
Campbell, CharlyeTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Conrad, PaytonUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaX
Cui, ElizabethLouisiana State UniversityXX
Etterman, ElizabethUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Gibson, AlisonThe University of TexasXX
Gillis, NicoleUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXXX
Green, MarissaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleX
Hayden, KristenUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Justus, MorganUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Kalonji, Alais Texas AandM University, College StationXXX
Khamis, MariamUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Kieser, KendraUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Knapton, Abigail University of Nebraska, LincolnXXX
Knox, RileighLouisiana State UniversityXX
Liva, DanaIowa State UniversityX
Mathews, JayahUniversity of IowaXX
McCleary, CarolineUniversity of KansasX
McKernan, MadelineUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
O\'Brien, MeghanThe University of TexasXX
Rafferty, MorganUniversity of IowaXX
Rauzi, SofiaThe University of TexasXX
Robillard, MakaylaLouisiana State UniversityXX
Schank, SarahUniversity of South DakotaX
Schultz, BrookeUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Skrzek, KajaTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Strandberg , Thelma University of IowaXX
Thomas, JacinthaUniversity of IowaXX
Voge, KatrinaUniversity of Nebraska, LincolnX
Wagner, BaileyUniversity of Wisconsin, Green BayXX
Walding, HarperTexas AandM University, College StationX
Welch, CarolineUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleX
Yarbrough, AshleyMissouri State UniversityX
Zone D Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Brenner, WilliamUniversity of IowaXX
Brown, ParkerSouth Dakota State UniversityX
Campbell, GraysonThe University of TexasXX
Cornish, JacobThe University of TexasXXX
Feustel, DravenUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeX
Fritter, HunterUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Goodwin, KyleUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Gottsch, WilliamUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Henschel, TylerTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Hernandez, JuanLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Hoherz, AntonUniversity of IowaXXX
Hurbis, DakotaLouisiana State UniversityX
Klein, BryceSouthern Methodist UniversityX
Klemm, MichaelUniversity of Wisconsin, Green BayX
Kreiter, AndrewUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXXX
Lake, SkylarTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Leblang, AlanUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Lucido, PeterUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaXX
Mathews, KurtisTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Mauser, MatthewUniversity of IowaXX
McClellan, MatthewLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Merritt, ReedThe University of TexasXX
Morris, IsaacUniversity of South DakotaX
Moser, JeremyUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Phillip, MatthewLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Pomeroy, KevinUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonXX
Posligua, JonatanUniversity of IowaX
Prenot, DerrickUniversity of Wisconsin, Green BayX
Raihle, MitchSouth Dakota State UniversityX
Royzen, MaximUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesX
Skenandore, DakotaUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeX
Thornton, SamTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Weber, JoeySouth Dakota State UniversityX
Windle, JordanThe University of TexasXXX
Yang, NickUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXXX
Zone E Women
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Aiacoboae, MaraArizona State UniversityXXX
Arnett, AlyssaUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasX
Bathe, SarahArizona State UniversityX
Belanger, EloiseUniversity of California, Los AngelesXXX
Bose, CassidyBoise State UniversityXX
Brommer, RainaNew Mexico State UniversityXX
Cacao, AlexaUniversity of California, BerkeleyX
Caplan, AlexandraSan Diego State UniversityXX
Cheetham, JenniferNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Concepcion, AllysonUniversity of New MexicoX
Contreras, KarlaUniversity of WyomingXXX
Cook, KassidyStanford UniversityXX
Dark, NatashaUniversity of New MexicoXX
Deacon, RebeccaArizona State UniversityX
Dutton, NicoleSan Diego State UniversityXX
Elmidany, MennaGrand Canyon UniversityX
Farnsworth, HaleyStanford UniversityXX
Fielding, MykaylaUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasXX
Ford, NicoleUniversity of UtahX
Funk, Kelli AnnCalifornia State University, FresnoXX
Gallagher, DelaneySan Diego State UniversityXX
Gardner, AbbyStanford UniversityX
Gonzales, RaquelNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Greenlow, ClareUniversity of UtahX
Holmes, ElizabethBrigham Young UniversityX
Houser, IvyUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Kaellgren, FridaArizona State UniversityXX
Kurach, TatianaNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Lamay, PhoebeUniversity of California, BerkeleyXX
Lei, ZoeUniversity of NevadaXX
Lucas, JanelleUniversity of IdahoXXX
McCool, AshleyArizona State UniversityXXX
Monahan, CiaraUniversity of California, Los AngelesXX
Navas, KathleenUniversity of California, BerkeleyX
Nikolaeva, IrinaCalifornia State University, FresnoXX
Paulsen, MiaStanford UniversityXXX
Payne, OliviaNorthern Arizona UniversityX
Reed, EmilySan Diego State UniversityX
Reiswig, CariSan Jose State UniversityXX
Ruchala, EmmaUniversity of UtahXX
Schnell, DelaneyUniversity of ArizonaX
Sedillo, SerenaCalifornia State University, FresnoXXX
Seljevold, MarenUniversity of IdahoXX
Shiver, TraciUniversity of California, Los AngelesX
Shmitova, TamaraUniversity of NevadaXX
Souza, CarlyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Sthamann, MadisonUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Thai, BrianaUniversity of California, BerkeleyXXX
Torrente, ChristinaNorthern Arizona UniversityXX
Witt, MadisonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Yacopino, MarieSan Diego State UniversityXX
Yanovsky, AliceUniversity of California, Los AngelesX
Zheng, SharaeUniversity of NevadaXX
Zone E Men
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Abdelghany, TarekStanford UniversityXXX
Benson, NickGrand Canyon UniversityX
Callahan, ConnorUniversity of California, BerkeleyXXX
Cawley, JesseUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasXX
Cooper, MorganBrigham Young UniversityXX
Cooperman, LucasUniversity of HawaiiX
Denkers, MattBrigham Young UniversityXX
Enos, DashiellUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXXX
Farabee, BryceBrigham Young UniversityXX
Fusaro, HenryUniversity of Southern CaliforniaXX
Gonzales, NathanBrigham Young UniversityXX
Makarewicz, NathanUniversity of UtahXX
Makikallio, HeikkiArizona State UniversityXXX
Marin, DylanUniversity of Southern CaliforniaX
Miclau, TheodoreStanford UniversityXXX
Morgan, RobertUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasX
Mullin, ScotiaUniversity of WyomingX
Pennock, JennerUniversity of UtahX
Ponton, CaseyUniversity of ArizonaX
Robinson, JonathanUniversity of California, BerkeleyXX
Sandell, JohanUniversity of HawaiiXXX
Selim, YoussefArizona State UniversityXXX
Theriault, DanielUniversity of UtahX
Toscani, PietroGrand Canyon UniversityXX
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