Pool Profile

AAF Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
360 N. Arroyo Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91103
United States
(626) 564-0330

Meets Run at this Pool:
AAU Southern Pacific District06-16-201806-16-2018
Rio Hondo H.S. League Championships05-02-201805-02-2018
2018 Mission League Championships at Rose Bowl04-24-201804-24-2018
2018 Rose Bowl Diving Invitational04-13-201804-15-2018
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Diving Championships02-15-201802-17-2018
2017 USA Diving National Preliminary Zone F Championships06-29-201707-02-2017
2017 Rio Hondo League Championships at the Rose Bowl05-05-201705-05-2017
2017 Mission League Championships at Rose Bowl04-25-201704-25-2017
2017 Rose Bowl Diving Invitational03-31-201704-02-2017
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Diving Championships02-16-201702-18-2017
2016 Glenn McCormick Memorial Diving Invitational11-05-201611-06-2016
Rio Hondo H.S. League Championships05-06-201605-06-2016
2016 Mission League Championships at Rose Bowl04-26-201604-26-2016
CIF Immaculate Heart High School Invitational04-23-201604-23-2016
2016 Rose Bowl Diving Invitational04-01-201604-03-2016
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Diving Championships02-18-201602-20-2016
Rose Bowl JO Platform Only Meet02-13-201602-13-2016
2015 Glenn McCormick Memorial Diving Invitational11-07-201511-08-2015
2015 Mission League Championships at Rose Bowl04-28-201504-28-2015
2015 Rose Bowl Diving Invitational03-27-201503-29-2015
CIF Immaculate Heart High School Invitational03-21-201503-21-2015
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Diving Championships02-18-201502-20-2015
2014 Glenn McCormick Memorial Diving Invitational11-08-201411-09-2014
Rio Hondo League League at Rose Bowl05-09-201405-09-2014
Mission League at Rose Bowl04-29-201404-29-2014
CIF Immaculate Heart High School Invitational04-05-201404-05-2014
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Diving Championships02-20-201402-22-2014
2014 Rose Bowl Invitational02-15-201402-16-2014
2013 USA Diving Summer Junior Zone E Championships07-11-201307-14-2013
Immaculate Heart High School Invitational03-23-201303-23-2013
2013 Rose Bowl Invitational03-02-201303-03-2013
Rose Bowl Aquatics Platform Invite02-02-201302-02-2013
2012 Immaculate Heart High School Invitational03-31-201203-31-2012
2012 Rose Bowl Invitational03-17-201203-18-2012
2011 Immaculate Heart High School Invitational04-02-201104-02-2011
2011 Rose Bowl Invitational02-26-201102-27-2011
2010 USA Diving Summer Junior Zone E Championships06-30-201007-03-2010
Immaculate Heart High School Invitational04-27-201004-27-2010
2010 Southern Pacific Association Winter Championships02-27-201002-28-2010
2009 ROSE BOWL FALL INVITATIONAL10-31-200911-01-2009
SPA Championships 200905-09-200905-10-2009
2008 ROSE BOWL INVITATIONAL10-25-200810-26-2008
2008 Kaiser Permanente National Diving Championships07-22-200807-27-2008
High School Invitational at the Rose Bowl04-12-200804-12-2008
SPA Winter Championships 200803-01-200803-02-2008
FALL INVITATIONAL @ Rose Bowl Aquatics10-27-200710-28-2007
2007 Summer Region 9 Championships06-16-200706-18-2007
AAU 2007 Summer SPA Championships06-09-200706-09-2007
Kaiser Permanente Summer Masters National Diving Champ.08-05-200608-07-2006
USA Diving Senior Zone D Championships07-14-200607-16-2006
2006 Summer West Nationals / Championships07-06-200607-09-2006