Diver Profile

Name: Zoey Cameron
State: NV
Country: United States
Gender: F
Age: 12
FINA Age: 13
High School Graduation: 2028
DiveMeets #: 63389

USA Diving:
  Las Vegas diving Club (Diver)
  Coach: Sarkisian Alik


2022 USA Diving Zone F Championships
  12-13 Girls 1m J.O - (Final)30 157.80
2022 USA Diving Junior Region 12 Championships
  12-13 Girls 1m J.O - (Final)18 161.75
Las Vegas Diving Invite
  12-13 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)159.50
  12-13 Girls 1m J.O - (Final)208.95
CDC Invitational
  12-13 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)167.10
  12-13 Girls 1m J.O - (Final)189.65
27th Annual Cactus Invitational
  AZ-FC 11-12-13 Girls 3m Silver - (Final)136.05
  AZ-FC 11-12-13 Girls 1m Gold - (Final)174.80
Rebel Diving Invite
  10-11 Girls 1m Novice - (Final)86.00
  10-11 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)100.00
2019 Cactus Invitational
  AZ-FC 8-9-10 Girls 3m Bronze - (Final)86.50
  AZ-FC 8-9-10 Girls 1m Silver - (Final)104.50
The Dr. Ron O\'Brien Invitational
  10-11 Girls 1m Novice - (Final)88.55
  10-11 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)92.20
2019 Raincross Invite
  10-11 Girls 1m Novice - (Final)89.15
  10-11 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)111.40
2018 EVDC Winter Classic
  AZ-FC 8-9-10 Girls 3m Bronze - (Final)77.00
  AZ-FC 8-9-10 Girls 1m Silver - (Final)92.50

Dive Statistics

Dive & HeightDescriptionHigh
# of

001B1MForward Entry Pike20.5018.333
001B3MForward Entry Pike22.0017.506
001C3MForward Entry Tuck16.5015.252
002A1MBack Entry Straight16.5016.252
002A3MBack Entry Straight18.5018.501
100A1MForward Jump Straight18.5016.254
100A3MForward Jump Straight20.0017.756
100C1MForward Jump Tuck16.5016.002
100C3MForward Jump Tuck19.0019.001
101A1MForward Dive Straight22.4018.684
101A3MForward Dive Straight22.4019.203
101C1MForward Dive Tuck29.7024.165
101C3MForward Dive Tuck27.5524.853
103B3MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Pike26.4025.333
103C1MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck24.8020.805
200A1MBack Jump Straight20.0017.504
200A3MBack Jump Straight20.0017.867
200C1MBack Jump Tuck20.5018.502
201A1MBack Dive Straight19.5517.573
201B1MBack Dive Pike33.3022.284
201C1MBack Dive Tuck30.6024.052
201C3MBack Dive Tuck31.4530.182
202C1MBack 1 Somersault Tuck24.0020.444
300A3MReverse Jump Straight16.0016.001
300C3MReverse Jump Tuck15.0015.001
301C1MReverse Dive Tuck30.6023.854
301C3MReverse Dive Tuck27.0022.052
302C1MReverse 1 Somersault Tuck26.4021.004
401B1MInward Dive Pike26.1021.834
401C1MInward Dive Tuck25.5017.806
401C3MInward Dive Tuck24.6519.832
5101A1MForward Jump 1/2 Twist Straight18.5018.501
5101A3MForward Jump 1/2 Twist Straight15.5013.173
5101D3MForward Jump 1/2 Twist Free16.0016.001
5221D1MBack 1 Somersault 1/2 Twist Free30.6024.754