Diver Profile

Name: Barbara Brock
City/State: princeton NJ
Country: United States
Gender: F
Age: 54
FINA Age: 54
DiveMeets #: 62145

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU):
  East Coast Masters Diving (Diver)
  Coach: Diringer Kathy
Hidden Hollow Swim Club:
  Unattached (Diver)
  Coach: McGann George


7th Annual Mary Bennett East Coast Masters Diving Invite
  Open All Ages Synchro. Mixed - (Final)147.66
  ECMD Tuck Pike Layout Women - (Final)133.00
  ECMD 40-59 Women 1m - (Final)325.90
  ECMD 40-59 Women 3m - (Final)281.80
2018 Hidden Hollow Masters (18 and up) Diving Invite
  Masters Gold Women 1m - (Final)296.50
  Masters Silver Women 3m - (Final)199.95
  Open All Ages Synchro. Mixed - (Final)182.25

Dive Statistics

Dive & HeightDescriptionHigh
# of

101A1MForward Dive Straight31.5027.302
101A3MForward Dive Straight34.4034.401
101B3MForward Dive Pike30.0030.001
103B1MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Pike38.2532.583
103B3MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Pike40.0037.202
201A1MBack Dive Straight25.0025.001
201B1MBack Dive Pike53.0038.245
201B3MBack Dive Pike42.3029.252
201C1MBack Dive Tuck21.5021.501
301A3MReverse Dive Straight23.0023.001
301B1MReverse Dive Pike43.3542.932
301B3MReverse Dive Pike42.7531.132
301C3MReverse Dive Tuck20.0020.001
401A1MInward Dive Straight50.4045.203
401A3MInward Dive Straight38.2538.251
401B1MInward Dive Pike35.2535.251
5111A1MForward Dive 1/2 Twist Straight37.8036.452
5111A3MForward Dive 1/2 Twist Straight42.0042.002
5132D1MForward 1 1/2 Somersault 1 Twist Free48.4046.202
5132D3MForward 1 1/2 Somersault 1 Twist Free47.2543.634
5223D1MBack 1 Somersault 1 1/2 Twist Free48.3044.852
5233D3MBack 1 1/2 Somersault 1 1/2 Twist Free38.4033.002