Diver Profile

Name: Caden Williams
State: TX
Country: United States
Gender: M
Age: 9
FINA Age: 9
High School Graduation: 2030
DiveMeets #: 56467

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU):
  City of Midland (Diver)
  Coach: Chereches Gabriel
USA Diving:
  City of Midland (Diver)
  Coach: Copeland Devon


The Black Gold Invitational
  FC Boys 7 & Under 1m - (Final)92.65
  FC Boys 7 & Under 3m - (Final)87.30
  FC Boys 7 & Under Platform - (Final)92.00
The Pump Jack Classic
  FC Boys 7 & Under 1m - (Final)76.90
  FC Boys 7 & Under 3m - (Final)78.40
The Black Gold Invitational
  FC Boys 7 & Under 1m - (Final)67.90
  FC Boys 7 & Under Platform - (Final)66.10
2017 Dick Wilson Novice Meet
  Future Champions 9 & Under Boys 1m - (Final)75.50
  Future Champions 9 & Under Boys 3m - (Final)67.50

Dive Statistics

Dive & HeightDescriptionHigh
# of

001B1MForward Entry Pike22.2019.603
001B3MForward Entry Pike19.2016.203
001D1MForward Entry Free13.5013.501
001D3MForward Entry Free13.5013.501
002A1MBack Entry Straight16.2516.251
100A1MForward Jump Straight17.0017.001
100A3MForward Jump Straight21.5018.003
100B1MForward Jump Pike12.5011.333
100B3MForward Jump Pike17.0017.001
100C1MForward Jump Tuck21.5016.333
100C3MForward Jump Tuck21.0016.333
100C5MForward Jump Tuck19.5019.501
101A1MForward Dive Straight18.9014.973
101A3MForward Dive Straight12.5012.501
101C1MForward Dive Tuck14.4014.102
101C3MForward Dive Tuck21.7017.502
102C1MForward 1 Somersault Tuck18.9017.502
200A1MBack Jump Straight19.5017.333
200A3MBack Jump Straight16.0015.502
200B1MBack Jump Pike16.5014.752
200C3MBack Jump Tuck16.5010.173
200C5MBack Jump Tuck15.5015.501