Diver Profile

Name: Avery Dinnel
City/State: Colorado Springs CO
Country: United States
Gender: F
Age: 18
FINA Age: 19
High School Graduation: 2018
DiveMeets #: 54599

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU):
  Peak Diving (Diver)
  Coach: Unattached
Colorado High School Activities Assoc:
  PINE CREEK (Diver)
  Coach: Moldenhaur Sara
USA Diving:
  Peak Diving, LLC (Diver)
  Coach: Unattached


Wyo Diving Skills Meet
  16-18 Girls Platform J.O - (Final)221.00
  High School Girls 1m (11 Dives) - (Final)358.65
2017 USA Diving Junior Region 9 Championships
  16-18 Girls 1m J.O - (Final)27 265.45
Pilgrims, Pies, and Perfect 10s Future Champions
  FC Level 8 Girls 1m - (Final)174.65

Dive Statistics

Dive & HeightDescriptionHigh
# of

001B5MForward Entry Pike16.0016.001
002A5MBack Entry Straight19.0019.001
101B1MForward Dive Pike21.4521.451
101B5MForward Dive Pike29.0029.001
103B1MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Pike28.0526.353
103B5MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Pike39.0039.001
104C1MForward 2 Somersault Tuck37.4035.202
105C1MForward 2 1/2 Somersault Tuck28.8028.801
201B1MBack Dive Pike28.0027.202
201B5MBack Dive Pike40.0040.001
201C1MBack Dive Tuck27.0027.001
202A1MBack 1 Somersault Straight27.2027.201
203C1MBack 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck23.0023.001
301B1MReverse Dive Pike36.5532.732
301C1MReverse Dive Tuck22.4022.401
302C1MReverse 1 Somersault Tuck28.0028.001
303C1MReverse 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck23.1023.101
401B1MInward Dive Pike33.0027.003
401B5MInward Dive Pike39.0039.001
402C1MInward 1 Somersault Tuck26.4026.401
403C1MInward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck34.1023.652
5122D1MForward 1 Somersault 1 Twist Free41.8030.723
5223D1MBack 1 Somersault 1 1/2 Twist Free44.8540.832
600A5MArmstand Dive Straight39.0039.001