Diver Profile

Name: Madeleine Pappas
State: TX
Country: United States
Gender: F
Age: 15
FINA Age: 15
High School Graduation: 2024
DiveMeets #: 49950

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU):
  South Texas United Diving Academy (Diver)
  Coach: Schulze Kristin


The Pump Jack Classic
  Elite 11 & Under Girls 1m - (Final)11 102.65
  FC Girls 10-11 3m - (Final)10 75.15
  FC Girls 10-11 Platform - (Final)96.60
The West Texas Invitational
  Group D Girls 1m (10-11) - (Final)116.30
  FC Girls 10-11 3m - (Final)96.80
  FC Girls 10-11 Platform - (Final)90.55
2017 San Antonio Dive Team Invitational
  11 & Under Girls 1m J.O - (Final)93.55
  10-11 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)88.35
The Black Gold Invitational
  FC Girls 10-11 1m - (Final)117.80
  FC Girls 10-11 3m - (Final)113.95
  FC Girls 10-11 Platform - (Final)94.50
2017 Dick Wilson Novice Meet
  10-11 Girls 1m Novice - (Final)87.90
  10-11 Girls 3m Novice - (Final)82.65
The Pump Jack Classic
  Novice 10-11 Girls 1m - (Final)101.15
  FC Girls 8-10 3m - (Final)89.30
  FC Girls 8-10 Platform - (Final)101.45
  Future Champions 11 & Under Girls 1m - (Final)66.00
  Future Champions 11 & Under Girls 3m - (Final)12 63.50
The Pump Jack Classic
  FC Girls 9 & Under Platform - (Final)78.00
  FC Girls Yellow 9-Under 1m - (Final)86.00
  FC Girls Yellow 9-Under 3m - (Final)79.00
West Texas Invitational
  FC Girls Yellow 9-Under 1m - (Final)79.50
  FC Girls Yellow 9-Under 3m - (Final)80.00

Dive Statistics

Dive & HeightDescriptionHigh
# of

001B1MForward Entry Pike18.0017.002
001B3MForward Entry Pike21.6018.545
001C1MForward Entry Tuck13.5013.501
001C3MForward Entry Tuck21.6018.203
001C5MForward Entry Tuck18.6017.403
001D1MForward Entry Free16.5015.003
001D3MForward Entry Free17.0015.384
002A1MBack Entry Straight18.2015.602
002A3MBack Entry Straight24.0518.316
100A1MForward Jump Straight18.0017.252
100A3MForward Jump Straight17.5016.004
100A5MForward Jump Straight16.5016.501
100B3MForward Jump Pike15.0015.001
100C1MForward Jump Tuck16.5014.605
100C3MForward Jump Tuck17.0014.9510
100C5MForward Jump Tuck17.5016.252
100D1MForward Jump Free17.5017.501
101A1MForward Dive Straight23.1018.233
101A3MForward Dive Straight24.0017.502
101C1MForward Dive Tuck21.6020.254
101C3MForward Dive Tuck28.0021.618
102C1MForward 1 Somersault Tuck23.1021.933
103C1MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck17.6017.202
103C3MForward 1 1/2 Somersault Tuck26.2523.252
200A1MBack Jump Straight18.0016.002
200A3MBack Jump Straight17.0015.503
200C1MBack Jump Tuck16.5015.884
200C3MBack Jump Tuck16.0014.884
200C5MBack Jump Tuck16.5015.003
201A1MBack Dive Straight24.6522.102
201C1MBack Dive Tuck27.0022.805
301C1MReverse Dive Tuck26.4023.404
401C1MInward Dive Tuck23.8020.585
401C3MInward Dive Tuck23.4017.425
402C1MInward 1 Somersault Tuck0.000.001
5211A1MBack Dive 1/2 Twist Straight0.000.001
5211A3MBack Dive 1/2 Twist Straight5.005.001