DiveMeets - Event Rule
High School Boys 1m (6 dives)

Divers shall perform 6 dives in the event. The first dive shall be designated as the Voluntary Dive of the week per the voluntary group that is required for the calendar week that the meet is scheduled.  In an invitational format the group may be designated per the rules for the .contest.   In a dual meet the  Voluntary dive shall not exceed dd of 1.8 and must be circled. The next 4 dives must represent 4 different groups. The final dive may represent any group and any dive on the dive table as long as it is not a repeat of any dive already performed in a contest.   No dive may be repeated in a dual/championship meet contest. Voluntaries can be selected from this list : 101abc 102abc 103abc 104abc 105bc 106bc 107bc 112bc 113bc 201abc 202abc 203abc 204bc 205bc 301abc 302abc 303abc 304abc 305bc 401abc 402abc 403bc 404bc 405bc 412bc 413bc 5111abc 5112ab 5121d 5122d 5124d 5126d 5131d 5132d 5134d 5136d 5142bc 5152bc 5211a 5212a 5221d 5222d 5223d 5225d 5227d 5231d 5233d 5235d 5251bc 5311a 5312a 5321d 5322d 5323d 53

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