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Dive Sheets: 644,412  Dive Scores: 4,353,949  Judge Scores: 20,122,800 and counting!!!
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Meet: 2013 AHSAA Diving State Championship Meet
Date: Dec 6, 2013 to Dec 6, 2013

High School Girls 1m (11 Dives)

Helen LeggFHHS1383.150.00
Olivia FosterBHS2339.95-43.20
Allison RiddleUMS3323.10-60.05
Pasley GrahamMCHS4319.05-64.10
Kenedey WilliamsJCHS5314.20-68.95
Madeline ChalouxMBHS6312.20-70.95
Julia KellerHUNH7303.10-80.05
Emily GriffinGHS8294.00-89.15
Sarah BradberryJCHS9291.70-91.45
Katherine JonesRS10288.90-94.25
Emily CaramanianHUNH11278.65-104.50
Martha VeselitsFACA12264.25-118.90
Madison KellyMCHS13261.20-121.95
Ashlyn SimpsonMCHS14256.65-126.50
Brooklyn BrothersDHS15239.05-144.10
Isabelle WagonerAHS16232.00-151.15

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