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2021 NCAA Division I Zone C     "C" Score Achievers

IMPORTANT!!! This is not a qualification list.

The following is a list of divers who have achieved the "C Score" (defined in the NCAA Memo dated January 7 2021) at meets using the DiveMeets system.
Qualifiers will be determined by NCAA.

If you recently competed in a meet and are not on this list, please note that this list is updated once daily.

* Events marked with an asterisk achieved via "Send In" results.

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Zone C
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Folta, MaddieMiami University - OhioX*
Holtz, MackenzieMiami University - OhioX*
Lecoeur, CarolineIllinois State UniversityX*
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Ongay, WilliamBall State UniversityX*
Zone C
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Barker, LexieOhio State UniversityXXX
Berger, BethanyEastern Michigan UniversityXX
Brenn, JacquelineOhio State UniversityXX
Bretscher, EmilyPurdue UniversityXXX
Bugariu, AndreaUniversity of AkronXX
Canale, NikkiUniversity of MichiganX
Cheetham, LaurenUniversity of MichiganX
Crawford, MackenzieOhio State UniversityXX
Cutshaw, ChristyUniversity of MichiganXX
Ellis, GraceBowling Green State UniversityX
Erickson, AbigailUniversity of LouisvilleX
Fowler, AnneIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Gallais, JoelleUniversity of ToledoX
Ghose, LabonitaNorthwestern UniversityX
Gilliland, TarrinIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Hogan, LucyUniversity of MichiganXXX
Hopkins, MarkieNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Hudson, CaraUniversity of KentuckyX
Hughes, Camryn Eastern Michigan UniversityXXX
Kalik, PaigeUniversity of AkronXX
Klein, AllieUniversity of MichiganX
Knight, KyndalUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Liebenberg, CydneyUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
Ling, AmandaMichigan State UniversityXX
Mccahan, KateUniversity of Notre DameXX
Mcging, CiaraOhio State UniversityXXX
Mckinley, Mary (Van)University of KentuckyX
McPherson, CamrynUniversity of MichiganX
Merriman, MaggiePurdue UniversityXX
Mosset, KylieBowling Green State UniversityX
Parsons, LeahNorthwestern UniversityXX
Patrick, JayeNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Praasterink, ElseUniversity of LouisvilleX
Schempf, MicaelaEastern Michigan UniversityXX
Siwik, HalliOhio UniversityX
Smith, ZainIndiana University, BloomingtonXX
Straub, KellyUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Veltigian, KeiraEastern Michigan UniversityXX
Vieta, MayceyPurdue UniversityXXX
Wang, AlyssaIndiana University, BloomingtonX
Wiese, AnnieUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Wilson, KaylaUniversity of LouisvilleXXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Bramley, BenjaminPurdue UniversityXXX
Canning, ChristopherUniversity of MichiganXX
Canova, JosephOhio State UniversityXXX
Capobianco, AndrewIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Debacker, DavidUniversity of Notre DameXX
Duncan, GregoryPurdue UniversityXX
Duncan, SamuelUniversity of KentuckyXX
Eskrick, YohanNorthwestern UniversityXX
Fielding, JacobOhio State UniversityXXX
Flaute, AustinUniversity of Notre DameXX
Gould, MoryIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Grannum, Hunter COhio State UniversityXXX
Gur, KivancUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Labuda, EvanNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Lafortune, FelixUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoXX
Lake, CaidenUniversity of KentuckyXX
Lane, ChaseUniversity of KentuckyXXX
Loschiavo, BrandonPurdue UniversityXXX
Petrison, DavidUniversity of Notre DameXXX
Pinto, DanielUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Rains, WilliamUniversity of Notre DameX
Romero, RodrigoUniversity of KentuckyXX
Schirmer, Wm HenryNorthwestern UniversityXXX
Scotty, SeamusIndiana University, BloomingtonX
Siler, JacobOhio State UniversityXXX
Smith, LoganUniversity of LouisvilleX
Sneden, AdamUniversity of LouisvilleXX
Todd, Ross University of MichiganXXX
VanDevender, ColeIndiana University, BloomingtonXXX
Yost, LyleOhio State UniversityXXX
Zhang, DannyUniversity of KentuckyXXX
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