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2021 NCAA Division I Zone D     "A" Score Achievers

IMPORTANT!!! This is not a qualification list.

The following is a list of divers who have achieved the "A Score" (defined in the NCAA Memo dated January 7 2021) at meets using the DiveMeets system.
Qualifiers will be determined by NCAA.

If you recently competed in a meet and are not on this list, please note that this list is updated once daily.

* Events marked with an asterisk achieved via "Send In" results.

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Zone D
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Amer, MahaUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXXX
Bacon, SarahUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Boyle, JanieThe University of TexasX
Campbell, CharlyeTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Clairmont, AlyssaTexas AandM University, College StationX
Knapton, Abigail University of Nebraska, LincolnXXX
Lavenant, Montserrat Louisiana State UniversityX
O\'Neil, BridgetThe University of TexasXX
Ohlhauser, TaylorSouthern Methodist UniversityX
Phillip, MeganUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesX
Pineda, PaolaThe University of TexasXX
Schultz, BrookeUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleXX
Skilken, JordanThe University of TexasX
Troyer, Sara University of Nebraska, LincolnX
Trueb, SavanaUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaX
Tuxen, AnneLouisiana State UniversityX
Wilson, AimeeTexas AandM University, College StationXX
DiverTeam1 Meter3 MeterPlatform
Abramowicz, TazmanUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonX
Butler, JakeUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesXX
Duperre, NoahThe University of TexasXX
Endo, TakutoUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaX
Gawin-Parigini, AndrewThe University of TexasX
Hardigree, ParkerSouthern Methodist UniversityXX
Harness, AndrewThe University of TexasX
Hernandez, JuanLouisiana State UniversityXXX
Lopez , Carlo University of Missouri, ColumbiaX
Mathews, KurtisTexas AandM University, College StationXX
Smithson, PeterSouthern Methodist UniversityXXX
Windle, JordanThe University of TexasXX
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